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Legend Chapter 91

「It’s finished over there so I would like you to give up……right!」

Elena’s sword whip stretched out like a whip and pierced the Skeleton from under its chin. Using that momentum, she flicked the skull off its spine.

「Seriously! They only have their tenacity!.」

Ara swung the Power Axe at the Skeleton that had lost its skull. The force was tremendous, the axe crushed the Skeleton’s left arm and went into its ribs, breaking the magic stone inside its chest.


As for the monster, after the magic stone, that could be called the core of the undead, was destroyed, its bones fell apart and dropped to the ground without a sound, entering an eternal rest.

Next to her, Vel cooperated with Kuust to deal with a skeleton.

And behind them……

『Flame, burn the enemy according to my thoughts.』

At the back, a fireball 30cm in diameter appeared at the tip of the Death Scythe, which was also a magic casting tool……


The fireball flew away as the Death Scythe was swung down and the magic activated. It hit the Zombies that were approaching Rei from behind.

Next to him, Set took a deep breath and wrapped multiple Zombies in flames as he used Fire Breath.

In terms of raw power, the fireball Rei shot had the power to kill a Zombie in a single blow, if there was only one target. It was only good for hitting one enemy and damaging the surrounding enemies slightly. On the other hand, Set’s fire breath was less powerful, it had a wide range of attack and could be used to attack Zombies that were much closer. The fireball was used to attack the Zombies which were still out of range of Set’s Fire Breath.

The first enemies to appear were Skeletons. Though they were easy for Rei and Set to defeat, Zombies then appeared from behind. This repeated like the infinite loop. Eventually, the smell of burnt rotten flesh became a bother as Rei and Set repeatedly used Fireball and Fire Breath. And in the front, Elena handled the Skeletons, which where just bones.

And when Rei and Set finally cleared the Zombies, they went to help against the Skeletons. Not much time was needed after that to finish the battle.

「Phew, I can’t get any materials from this. If we don’t destroy the magic stone, we can’t defeat the Skeletons, but then we can’t take it as proof of subjugation. It’s only a fight that exhausts stamina for no gain.」

At Vel’s words, Rei nodded with a wry smile.

「That is really true. If it was a higher level undead, the bones could be sold as material. It really is bone breaking work for no reward.」

「What does that mean?」

Elena asked while tilting her head at Rei’s words. At the shake of her vertical rolls of hair as she tilted her head with puzzled eyes, Rei explained.

「This was a proverb my master taught me. It means that you exhaust yourself for no profit. ……However, in our case, we are breaking bones literally.」

「Kukuku~. Well, that is certainly so. With such a m

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