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Legend Chapter 11

Entering the guardroom, Ranga prompted Rei to sit in a chair. Because Set wasn’t here, he leaned the Death Scythe against a chair so that it could be used at any time.

As a wry smile floated on to his face, Ranga poured a cup of water from a jug and took a sip to show that there was nothing strange in it before giving it to Rei.

「Sorry about this.」

As he hadn’t eaten or drank anything while riding on Set, Rei gulped the water down in one mouthful.

Cold……though the temperature wasn’t great, it still felt good because he was thirsty.

「How about another cup?」

「Yes thanks.」

Pouring another cup of water, Ranga finally sat down opposite Rei.

「Well, what should I hear first. No, let’s go with the self introductions first. Although I said this earlier, my name is Ranga and I’m serving as a guard captain in this city of Girumu.」

「My name is Rei. The griffon out the front is Set.」

With the short self introduction over, Ranga finally spoke about the main subject.

「Is that so, first of all, we’ll start with this question. What is your purpose in the city of Gimuru.」

「I want to know something before answering the question. This city of Gimuru you mentioned. Is there an Adventurers Guild here?」

According to Zepairu’s knowledge, there would be a branch office of the Adventurers Guild if it was a big city. However, Zepairu’s knowledge had been relegated by Rei to be used as a reference only. And……

「Naturally of course. It is common to have branch offices of the Adventurers Guild in small villages, is there any reason why there wouldn’t be one in this city of Gimuru?」

Naturally there are, Ranga said as he nodded.

(I thought so. With this it’s definite. Zepairu’s knowledge is……quite old. I should check how much error there is later.

He started to speak while letting out a sigh in his mind.

「That’s good. After all, I’ve only been living with my master since I was born. I’m ignorant of the state of society. As for my purpose, that’s easy. I came to become an adventurer.」

「……Judging from your question a little while ago, you didn’t even know if there was an Adventurers Guild branch in the city?」

Although his tone is soft, not missing the feeling of a lie, Ranga asked another question.

On the other hand, Rei lightly shrugged his shoulders.

「I said it just before, I’ve been living with my master since I was born. Because my master was crazy about magic, I’m quite ignorant about common sense.」

「……Magic (majutsu)? Wait, magic (maho)?」

TLN: Okay, this gets a bit confusing, the two words used here are Majutsu and Maho, technically they both mean magic. However the first one has the character for Art in it while the second one has the character for Method. Because of this, I’ll put which one it is referring to in brackets.

Ranga asked curiously. In this respect again, the unreliability of Zepairu’s knowledge became apparent again.

「Magic (maho)? My maste

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