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Legend Chapter 43

The day after the duties of the Orc subjugation force were completed. Due to the fatigue from fighting, Rei slept until noon before waking up due to hunger. After having an early lunch at the Dusk Wheat, he headed to the guild with Set.

Among the people who saw the figure of Set in the parade the day before, there were probably many who were taught of his existence. Different from usual, they only gave cries of surprise at seeing Set at first instead of running away, there were even some people who would give food to Set.

To say thank you, Set gave a cry and shook his tail each time. Seeing that, the person would cautiously pet his head……and because of this, it was already into the afternoon when they finally arrived at the guild.

「Then, Set, wait for me at the usual place.」


As Set went to the place he was familiar with, opposite the carriage waiting area, Rei entered the guild.

If there was something different from usual, it was the figures of several adventurers, who participated in the Orc subjugation force, who went and petted Set on the head or gave him some food as a substitute greeting before entering the guild. Receiving friendly attention, he gave a happy cry.

Upon entering the guild, he went straight to the counter without looking at the request board.

Looking around, he saw several adventurers in the guild, but he went to talk to Lenora without bothering them.

「Ah, hello Rei-san. Have you come for the rewards for the Orcs?」

「Ah. Yes, I also want to hand in the proof of subjugation parts as well as sell materials.」

「Yes, no problem.」

Lenora confirmed it as she nodded, A lot of right ears, which were the proof of subjugation, came out of the Misty Ring. The skin and teeth of Orcs, Orc Archers, Orc Mages and Orc Generals were usable materials. Because of the magic power residing in them, the eyes, heart, tongue and back teeth of an Orc Mage could also be used in medicine and alchemy. The internal organs of Orc Generals could be used in alchemy while their bones and tendons could be used for weapons and bowstrings. And then there were the magic stones of Orcs and Orc Archers.

In addition, there were obviously differences in how the materials were collected. There were those that were collected perfectly like Elk’s and there were ones damaged here and there like the ones handled by Rei, who was lacking in this area.

「Um, please wait a minute. Kenny, you help me for a bit.」

The reason was that the amount placed on the counter was a lot more than expected. Lenora called out to Kenny who had been next to her, smiling, eyeing a chance to talk to Rei.

As if waiting for that, Kenny approached the counter to continue screening the materials.

「As for this and this, the collection was perfect. This one is useless. This……though it’s close it’s still okay……」

「Hey, Kenny. I did ask you but don’t be partial to Rei-san. Because the collection was sloppy,

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