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Legend Chapter 5

Despite the huge trees around the building, the fresh morning light still streamed in for some reason. Because it was in the morning, the surrounding air was very clear. If there was a person who wanted to walk through the forest to relax, here would be a great place. ……However, only if you could get here.

Rei had taken a step out of the building with Set to check the state of the surroundings.

「According to Zepairu’s knowledge, the barrier should extend about 100m from the center of the building……probably.」


Set nodded to Rei’s words.

「If we take even one step outside the barrier, it will already be a monster paradise……Are we prepared?」

The Death Scythe had been put on his shoulder, it could be shifted to his right hand to be used at any time.


Set raised a cry that was full of fighting spirit. One person and one animal advanced while relying on the other. After walking for about 3 minutes, a thin film attached to the building came into view.

「So this is the barrier. Though it is nerve racking to go out……the other decision is to starve to death.」

Yes, the food that was supposed to last him 10 days had already been finished after this morning’s breakfast. 10 days worth of food had been exhausted in 2 meals. Rei was wary of the surroundings while Set was prepared to protect Rei at any time.

Originally Rei had wanted to keep several pieces of bread with him to eat in the forest. However, he was defeated by Set’s sad, sorrowful eyes because of hunger. The last pieces of bread were in Set’s stomach.

「……Well, but you know. I’ll need to find a job as soon as possible to earn money for future food expenses. Are there adventurers or something like that here?」

According to Zepairu’s knowledge, there seems to be an adventurer guild, however there won’t be a guild branch office if the town isn’t big enough. In other words, in order to earn money for Set’s food, he had to leave the forest and go to a big city as soon as possible.

「If you only think about Set’s meals, I wonder if we could defeat some monsters and eat the meat. Fortunately, Set is a magic creature so everything he eats is converted to magic power and doesn’t enter the body, the worry of having to go to toilet is uneccessary.」

However, in that case, the living expenses of Rei are brought up. There is the method of selling the nails, skin and other materials that Set doesn’t eat at a corner stall. That said, the best method was still to leave the forest and find a town with an adventurer guild branch office and work as an active adventurer.

Rei confirmed his determination again, and with Set, took one step outside the ward.

「Uwah, seriously.」

As soon as they took one step out of the barrier, there were overwhelmingly dense signs of living creatures. Rei used to live in a country town in Tohoku. Of course there were nearby mountains and a river. Rabbits, squirrels, deer, monkeys, foxes

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