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Legend Chapter 56

Gimuru, the only city in the territory of the Rowlocks Margrave. Two carriages were travelling along the highway to the city of Gimuru.

With clouds high above in the blue sky, the two carriages traveled along the road slowly.

「Ah, we should see the city shortly.」

On the larger of the two carriages, Gran gave a mutter.

The outer walls of the city of Gimuru became visible from the window.

「Ah, I’m tired. Even though its was for the rank up test, as expected, we had to go out for a few days.」

Given a sense of relief upon seeing the outer wall, Culotte murmured involuntarily.

「Though it certainly was tiring……but it was still good. The merchants who were captured are all safe.」

「That’s true. But to think that the bandits didn’t use the carriage.」

Yes. The carriage was something Rei found after subjugating the bandits, after the two merchants had been caught, their carriage had been hidden in the forest intact. The bandits may have thought the carriage could be used to carry the stuff the stole from other people. Because of that, they let the two merchants ride in that carriage, avoiding the situation of cramming everyone into the guild carriage.

As the city of Gimuru, which they were returning to, came into view, Gran knocked on the carriage walls to alert Supervia and Rei, who were sitting in the drivers area.

「Can you hear me Rei and Supervia?」


「No Problem」

Nodding at the answer from the driver’s seat, Gran spoke up.

「Now then, since we can see the city of Gimuru, I’ll keep explaining as we go back. It’s not a complicated discussion though. We will disband when we return to the guild today. Afterwards, please get your reward from the reception desk. After that, we will gather back in the guild meeting room tomorrow afternoon. Before I forget about it, the results of the rank up test will be announced then. Well, it’s nice and simple. Any questions?」

Culotte spoke up at Gran’s words.

「What about the valuables we took from the bandit hideout?」

「I don’t care, that’s up to you guys to deal with. However, don’t do anything that will cause trouble or a dispute.」

「I understand. Then, if we’re disbanded at the guild, can we divide everything earlier?」

The people in the carriage nodded at Culotte’s words. Rei and Supervia, who were in the driver’s seats, had no objections and didn’t say anything.

「Then, it’s decided. Rei, did you hear it? After we disband at the guild……ah, where should we divide the items? We can’t possibly do it in the guild……」

There were some nasty adventurers who would put on airs due to their rank and were lawless. If they clearly showed this big bait in front of them……Culotte could imagine they would get into trouble in future.

「That’s right, we’ll let you use the meeting room on the 2nd floor of the guild. Though taking and moving that amount of stuff will be hard, that amount is that amount, you’ll have to do somethi

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