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「Then, it will be 1 platinum coin and 8 gold coins for the purchase of all the materials and the submitted proofs of subjugation, please double check.」

At the counter on the first floor of the guild, Rei counted the gold and platinum coins that Lenora gave him. With regards to the monster materials that he had brought in this time, he hadn’t taken out the rare monsters he had killed, like the Spriggan. Most of the Emerald Wolves, whose materials could be sold at quite a high price, were also still in the Misty Ring as he hadn’t stripped the materials from them yet.

Satisfied with payout, Rei placed the bag of gold and platinum coins at his chest, under Dragon Robe

Seeing that, Lenora spoke up again.

「So Rei. The matter of the request I spoke of before……」

「Ah, thanks.」

That manner of conversation……how to say it, as the two of them continued to talk in a very familiar manner, Kenny, who was attending to other adventurers next to them, gave Lenora an envious glance.

At Kenny’s look, Lenora gave a small smile, thinking it served her right, before taking out several papers from under the counter.

「Yes, please write down the contents of the request. Since the guild fee is determined by the rank of the request, please take that into consideration. Regarding the rank of the request, the guild will judge that based on the contents of the request.」

「I understand. So, should I write the contents of the request here?」

「That’s right. If you can’t write, I can also do it for you……」

「There are no problems there.」

「Well then, please fill this document. Ahh, it’s no problem even if you take it away to fill it in and return it later, okay?」

It was almost noon and adventurers were starting to come in for food. Seeing people starting to come in for lunch, Lenora told that to Rei.

Although Lenora thought that it might not be so good to have to write a request in a noisy environment, Rei shook his head and filled the document where he was.

(The content of the request is to strip monster materials. The main monsters are the ones I have a lot of, like the Water Monkeys and the Emerald Wolves. There’s also the rare Spriggan. However, the Spriggan has already been skinned and its magic stone taken out. As for the number of low ranking monsters……um. Regarding rewards, regardless of the number of applicants, they will get 3 gold coins each……is that too much? I’ll pay them 1 gold coin per person. However, they might get some bonuses based on the quality of their work.

Writing the details of the request on the document, Rei passed it back to Lenora.

「Is something like this okay?」

「Um, please wait a moment.」

After reading through the document, Lenora shook her head.

「I think you should include what materials need to be stripped and penalties for stealing materials. Also, the reward may be a bit too high.」

「Is it that much?」

「Yes. If you consider that they will get a reward by stripping the

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