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Legend Chapter 82

Rei looked at the corpse of the Ogre in front of him while experiencing the mysterious sensation of sunrise in a dungeon forest.

Blood was still gushing out from the severed right shoulder and neck. Rei decided to wait a bit for the blood to drain before storing it into the Misty Ring as it would be covered in blood if he stored it immediately.

「As expected, I’m tired after some morning exercise. Set, let’s take a short break until the blood is all drained.」


Nodding at Rei’s words, Set lay down on ground on some grass where the blood didn’t reach.

Rei gave a sigh and leaned back against Set’s lion like body.


When Rei took out some pear like fruits from the Misty Ring, Set ate them while giving a happy cry.

Smiling like a mother watching her child, Rei took out his own share.

Even in such a relaxed state, Set’s senses were always active and he suddenly turned his eyes into the forest. At the possibility of a new enemy, Rei reached out for the Death Scythe which he had put down. However, when he realised Set was looking at the direction of where they had camped last night, Rei released his hand from the Death Scythe.

Set was the same and stopped staring at that direction. And from that direction, the sounds of conversation and feet stepping on grass were eventually heard.

「Vel, is this the right way?」

「Yes it is. There’s no doubt from the great smell of blood.」

「Smell of blood, is it. Hmph, that means there’s a possibility that guy is dead.」

「Hey, Kuust. That’s going too far.」

「That is so. In the first place, isn’t it Rei and Set? If they fought with something like a dragon it would be different. However, I don’t think there would be such monsters in this place.」


「Kuust, you should have a sufficient understanding of Rei’s ability, shouldn’t you? You should fix that condescending attitude of yours. Rei doesn’t seem to care, but it’s not a pleasant thing to watch from the sides.」

「But Elena-sama!」

While exchanging words like so, emerging from the bushes, as expected, was Elena and the others.

「Uwa~, wait a moment. Everyone, over there. The strong smell of blood is coming from over there.」

Seeing the Ogre on the ground, still bleeding from its neck and right shoulder, let out a voice of amazement and shock.

Next to him, Ara and Kuust couldn’t hide their surprise at the scene before them.

Meanwhile, only Elena calmly looked at the scene before spotting Rei and Set resting a short distance away.

「Rei, Set. It’s good that you’re unhurt. I was surprised when I heard that you had suddenly gone out but it doesn’t seem you’re hurt anywhere.」

Hearing that voice, the other three people also noticed figure of Set, who had plopped down on the ground, and Rei, who was leaning against Set.

Looking at the four people, Rei stood up with a wry smile and went toward Elena.

「As for the enemy you felt, was it this O

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