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Legend Chapter 2

There was a building deep inside a forest. Although huge trees towered around it, soft sunlight still poured onto the building. There were no signs of life in the building, not even a sign of any living creatures. However, strangely, there was no dust on the floors of the building, it was kept in a very clean state.

And it was in a room, in this building that Reiji……no, the person that was once called Saeki Reiji, woke up.

「……Where is this?」

He put his hand on his forehead and thought about it for a few seconds as he looked around. He then nodded as if understanding something.

「I see, I fused with that glowing orb……ah, I understand now. It certainly was a fusion. I have gained knowledge. And there’s no doubt this is still my consciousness」

When Reiji looked at the surroundings, he noticed that he was sleeping in a bed. A magic formation had been drawn on the floor, he guessed that the body had been in stasis until some kind of magic had been used a few minutes ago. He got up and wore the clothes that were beside the bed.

「I say, I wonder what this new body is like?」

According to the knowledge he gained, the glowing orb’s name seemed to have been Zepairu Zondo. Reiji found a tub of water and looked at the reflection to see the body Zepairu had prepared.

A boy’s face with bright red hair was reflected. It was well shaped and there were no problems with the features, if anything, it could be called beautiful. As for the eye colour, in contrast with the red hair, they were blue. His height was about 165cm, and judging by his face, he looked about 15. As Reiji was 17 in his world, he had grown younger by about 2 years.

「However, based from the knowledge I received from Zepairu, this is an outrageous body.」

According to the knowledge Reiji had recieved from Zepairu……this body was something that Zepairu and his organization had created with the best of their magic and techniques. Because the organization had disappeared due to the aging of its members, the body had been subjected to treatment that gave it have eternal youth. Of course, it required a certain level or higher of magic power was required to maintain it.

Though the body had eternal youth, it wasn’t immortal. Even with the world’s best magicians gathered, it seems that it wasn’t possible to reach humanity’s dream of true immortality. It was likely that this was their substitute. With the body’s marvelous recovery power, its physical strength seemed to be considerable high.

「Well, I’ll leave those things for the time being.」

The performance of his body was pulled out from his knowledge. After gaining an approximate understanding, he then poured water from a jug on a table into a wooden cup, and drank it in one gulp.

He suddenly noticed something while quenching his throat with the water.

「Come to think of it, this water is also several hundred years old.」

While saying so, he poured water from the jug into his

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