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Legend Chapter 65

「Elena-sama, is there anything wrong?」

Ara, who got off the carriage after Elena, noticed that Elena had stopped moving and asked to see what she was looking at.

However, Elena said nothing and just quietly stared back at Rei’s eyes.

「Elena-sama? What happened Elena-sama!?」

Normally, Elena would respond immediately after she was called, but this time there was no response after calling her. As for how strange that was, it was obvious to Ara, who had server as Elena’s escort and manager for the past few years.

Almost reflexively, Ara followed the the direction Elena was looking at.

There was a young man who wore a robe on his body……no. He should be called boy as he was several years younger in comparison to herself.

For Ara, who idolized Elena, she did not care whether the other person was a noble or not. But out of her respect and admiration for Elena, when she felt that Elena something had been done to Elena, she instinctively pulled out her sword from her waist and kicked against the ground, closing the distance to Rei.

「You, what did you do to Elena-sama!」

As the shout echoed into the surroundings, time began to move again for the people who had lost themselves while admiring Elena’s looks.

It was the same for Rei and Elena who had been entwined in each others’ gazes.


By the time he had noticed the attack of the girl, he was already within her range. The girl swung her large sword.

Sucking in a quick breath, he reflexively backed away half his body to evade the sword swung down at his shoulder. Cutting through the air, the girl’s sword pierced the ground.

Looking at the sword, which was nearly 20cm into the ground, it was obvious that it had been swung down seriously with the intention to kill.

The moment the girl tried to pull out the sword that had cut into the ground, Rei put his foot onto the blade to hold it down. At the same time, he kicked the girl’s right wrist, that was holding the sword with his left foot.


The girl gave a scream, that you wouldn’t expect from someone who could bury a sword that deep into the ground, and released her grip on the sword due to the impact on her wrist. Without even looking at that, Rei took out the Death Scythe from the Misty Ring and poured magic power into the blade as he spun round to cut her neck……

Kin~, the blade of the Death Scythe made a sound as it was repelled by something that came flying out of nowhere.


There hadn’t been anyone nearby aside from the girl in front of him. Quickly looking at the surroundings while thinking that, though he didn’t know when she had taken it out, the figure of Elena holding what looked to be the handle of a sword was reflected in his eyes.

However, it was a strange sword. Only the guard and hilt of the sword was in Elena’s hand. A metallic whip with blades attached at regular intervals extended from where the blade would be in a normal

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