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「Ahh……I screwed up.」

Rei unconsciously murmured as he walked through the city. Next to him was the figure of Set, as usual.

After sending Elena off, he was interrogated by Daska, the lord of Gimuru, in various ways. However, Rei managed to escape from the residence somehow after obtaining the document of request completion and was now walking around the city with Set.

Normally, he would go to the guild to hand over the document for a reward, but it was only just past 9am in the morning. Even if he went to the guild now, it would be a hard to collect his reward if he was caught in the crowd of adventurers who were picking up requests in the guild. He decided it would be easier to kill some time and head into the guild after the congestion had died down……and was wondering how to spend his time now.

「Well, what should we do? I don’t have enough time to strip materials or to rest at the inn.」


Set eyed Rei and gave a cry of agreement as they walked through the city when they saw the shadows of several appeared.

If it had been just a few people, he would have just passed them by. However, there were four boys around the age of 15, about Rei’s age, surrounding a kid about 10 years old. Rei unintentionally stopped to take a look.

In the city of Gimuru, there were many rough adventurers. The number of people who would use their strength to bully others were not few. And as children were brought up seeing the behavior of the adults, it was natural that they would be affected by those actions. Those boys were one of those children, but their greatest misfortune was that Rei had time to spare. Normally, if he had seen a child being brought into a back ally, he would have ignored it, but for Rei who currently wanted to kill some time, it was a suitable reason.

「Set, shall we take a look?」


Maybe Set was also feeling leisurely, he gave a cry as he deftly ate the meat off a Big Boar skewer that had been cooked by Rei.

「Now then, well, its following the usual pattern……that child would really be a secret child of a noble or an important merchant, or such kinds of development……I guess.」

TLN: Rei is genre savvy, but will the author stick to tropes?

He looked at the four boys and the young kid. Their clothing was like those of the ordinary citizens around the area and they didn’t look like they were here for any reason in particular.

No, there may have been various reasons, but it all seemed like child’s play to Rei, who had just experienced much larger things, like the betrayal of Viscount Sails to the Bestir Empire. ……Although, it should be said that Rei himself appeared to be around the same age as the boys he was looking at.

Rei went forward while making sure they couldn’t see him. Even at the current distance, it wasn’t difficult for Rei to overhear their conversation with his sharpened senses.

「Fis, have you brought the thing?」


「Hey, answer when we ask you.」

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