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During the Inheritance Ceremony, Vel suddenly took out a dagger and tried to destroy the magic stone of the Ancient Dragon.

Although Rei rushed towards him as soon as he saw that, a magic spear was stabbed at him just one step before Vel entered the Death Scythe’s range.

He instinctively sensed danger at Vel’s words and forcibly shifted his body. Still, the magic spear that stabbed out from behind him still gave a strong impact to his side.

Fortunately for him, Rei was wearing a magic item, the Dragon Robe. At first glance it looked like an ordinary robe, but its true identity was of a highest quality item made by sewing two layers of dragon skin over dragon scales, it boasted one of the highest magical and physical defenses. Its defensive power was much greater than that of plate mail. Thanks to that, it didn’t become a situation where the magic spear penetrated into his flank.

「Damn, w-what!?」

However, even if it didn’t stab into him, the impact couldn’t be ignored. And for Rei, who was still trying to swing the Death Scythe, the blow broke his balance.

Nevertheless, he still didn’t fall to the ground, it was probably due to Rei’s extremely high physical abilities that he managed to keep himself up with his hands. When Rei reflexively looked back, the sight of Kuust thrusting his magic spear towards him filled his vision.



Set answered Rei’s shout and tried to slash his claws in from the side……

「No, Rei-dono! If Kuust is taken out of the magic formation now, there will be a bad effect on Elena’s ceremony!」

「Tch, Set!」


Probably understanding what Rei wanted, Set stopped his attack from the side and slammed Kuust down into the magic formation instead, holding him down to stop him from moving.

Confirming that, he dashed forward again towards Vel……

「You’re a bit too late.」

With a ridiculing smile on his face, he swung his dagger down at the magic stone, which had already shrunk by 70%, without any hesistation.

「Stop ittttttttttt!」

Shouting out, Rei swung the Death Scythe even though he knew he wouldn’t make it in time……

「Oops. That’s dangerous, very dangerous.」

Vel stabbed his dagger into the magic stone, destroying it before jumping backwards and taking some distance from Rei.


「Don’t get so angry. Even I didn’t like what I had to do. ……However, it’s a pity. It was the only hope to save the Mireana Kingdom. Now it will be impossible to compete against the Bestir Empire.」

Rei ground his teeth as Vel told him with a big smile.

「More than that, don’t you have to look behind you?」

Rei turned to look back for a moment. Maybe due to the fact that the ceremony was forcibly interrupted half way, he saw that Ara, Kuust……even Elena had lost consciousness and had collapsed on the magic formation.

Seeing that situation, he grasped the handle of the Death Scythe tightly in his hands.

(Calm down. Right now, it’s bette

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