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After finally arriving at the lowest level of the dungeon, Rei and the others had reached their destination, the Altar of Inheritance. Because of that, Elena explained the ceremony that would be performed at the Altar of Inheritance. The information that it would allow a person to absorb a magic stone’s power was unexpected for Rei.

「……You will absorb the power of magic stones?」

Hearing those words, Rei quickly withdrew information from Zepairu’s knowledge. At the very least, he had not heard of such a ceremony. But……

(It’s not in Zepairu’s knowledge, it seems. Then it should be ceremony devised in the thousands of years after Zepairu disappeared. It seems similar in result to the Magic Beast Art in terms of absorbing the power of a magic stone.)

「Umu~. Monster’s have overwhelmingly stronger physical abilities, magic power and special abilities compared to us humans. Attempts to absorb the power of magic stones, which could be called the core of the monster, into humans have been made before. However, in our kingdom, the success rate is still extremely low as the technique to do so is under research. About 90% of people who have tried were unable to endure the rejection reaction of the large amount magic power and died. Even in the rare case that it was successful, their body would change into a figure influenced by the monster.」


At the information explained by Elena, Rei was at a loss for words. But he immediately gathered himself and grasped Elena’s delicate looking shoulders.

「Did you come here to perform such a dangerous ceremony!?」

At that frantic action, Elena gave a smile that was between a smile and a wry smile.

「Don’t worry. What I just explained was there case where only mages and researchers were conducting the ceremony. As I said earlier, this technology is still undeveloped in our kingdom. It hasn’t reached the level that it could be performed easily on people. Only one place has reached that level.」

「……That is?」

「The Altar of Inheritance. There are some occasions where such a place, named by mages and researchers, will appear rarely in a dungeon. ……like here. The ceremony done at the Altar of Inheritance is a different existence compared with what the researchers do. No, to be exact, it should be said that researchers analysed the ceremony of the Altar of Inheritance and were unable to replicate it perfectly.」

Elena glanced at the Altar at the center of the magic formation for an instant.

「As I said, the Inheritance Ceremony carried out using this Altar can be considered a completely different thing from the ceremonies performed by the mages and researchers. For example, you could consider the difference to be like the difference between a pebble and a meteorite hitting the road, a spark and hellfire, a water drop and the ocean or a breeze and a tornado.」

「……Instead of example, please tell me the specifics. What exactly will happen when you perform the ceremony at thi

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