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Legend Chapter 30

The location was about an hours walking distance from the Orc village. The Orc subjugation force from Gimuru stopped the wagons and the leaders of each party gathered in Hobbes’ tent for a strategy meeting. Rei was also called to the meeting as the person in charge of transporting supplies.

Though there are adventurers on watch so that Orcs and other monsters don’t come near, they don’t have a nervous appearance.

To begin with, excluding Rei, the lowest ranked adventurer party to accept the Orc subjugation quest was still D rank, and above all, the Griffon, Set, was keeping watch.

「Well, though we have arrived here safely at last……I want to scout the situation at the Orc village first. Are there any volunteers?」

To Hobbes’ words, all of the participating party leaders remained silent.

Even Elk was silent. After all, the party composition of Axe of the Thunder God was 2 warriors and a mage. It couldn’t be helped as they didn’t have anyone in charge of scouting.

Though there were parties with thieves, they judged it to be too dangerous and remained silent.

Moreover, as for the leader of Dark Star, Seryl, though they had thief like Murgas, their aim was different.

(It’s necessary to have Murgas watch the rookie. He’s been ordered to steal the item box if there is a chance, I can’t assign him the troublesome duty of scouting the Orc village.)

As she was thinking this in her mind, her eyes swam around for a moment when Hobbes glanced at her.

「Seryl, wasn’t there a thief in Dark Star? How about that guy?」

「I apologize, but his personality isn’t good to scout the Orc village. He’s basically a coward. Well, he’s a thief who can find the enemy before they find us.」

By the way, here, a thief didn’t mean someone who stole things. When adventuring, their role was to scout ahead and to make traps. They were thieves in the sense that would open trapped chests in labyrinths without needing a key.

「……I see.」

As Rei was watching the exchange of words between Hobbes and Seryl, he raised his hand.

「Though I think someone has asked, in this case, will scouting count towards achievements for the guild?」

「Ah, that’s natural of course.」

「Then, I will do the scouting.」


For an instant, Hobbes wasn’t able to understand what Rei was saying and asked again.

「As I said, I would like to take on the role of scouting.」

「Wait a second. Do you have the skills of a thief?」

Though one of the party leaders near Hobbes asked, Rei shook his head in silence.

「I haven’t acquired such skills.」

「Then I will object. Though my party can’t provide a thief, I’m against you scouting if it risks being found. If we’re found, won’t the night attack be ruined as well?」

「That’s right. I’m also against it.」

All the other party leaders agreed with the words of the man who spoke up first.

However, as Rei saw his thoughts being rejected, he smiled as he started to s

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