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Legend Chapter 29

Pachi~ pachi~, the sound of the burning campfire echoed around, it could be heard in the tent Rei was resting in.

As the only sources of light that illuminated the area were the moonlight and bonfire, several adventurers gathered around the campfire, wary of the surroundings.

It was currently night time. Aside from those assigned to the night watch, the rest of the parties had eaten dinner and were resting in their tents.

In the tent Rei was resting in, the three members of Axe of the Thunder God were also sleeping while keeping their hands on their weapons, ready in case an enemy came.

Originally, Rei wanted to rest alone, however, he was ordered by Hobbes to be in the same tent as Axe of the Thunder God, just in case.

(……So, they didn’t come.)

There was a reason Rei wanted to rest alone. It was a party which had sent glances at him since he received the Orc subjugation quest, he wanted to make himself bait to lure out Dark Star, a party of 3 men and a woman. Originally, he didn’t want to do such a troublesome thing, but he decided to do something early when he thought of the possibility of being stabbed in the back when fighting the Orcs. However, during the night, nothing in particular happened, maybe they thought they couldn’t do anything with Set and Axe of the Thunder God next to him.

In addition, it should be noted that Rei was going to work a shift of the night watch, but he was also exempted from it under Hobbes’ orders.

「Big sis, it’s pointless. The tent the rookie is in is the same tent as Axe of the Thunder God, the Griffon is also uncomfortably close. I think we should have taken advantage of the cover of darkness earlier.」

From the entrance of the tent given to Dark Star, Murgas looked at the tent Rei and Axe of the Thunder God were in. Murgas said that in a low voice so as to not be heard by the people sleeping near the tent.

Though Rei’s tent would normally be invisible at that distance, even with campfire light, Murgas, who was in charge of Dark Star’s scouting, had good night vision. In addition, the tent Rei was in had Set lying outside, sleeping.

「Tch, it can’t be helped. We’ll call off tonight’s raid.」

As Seryl said that sulkily, she flopped down inside the tent and rolled away. Though there weren’t any blankets, they weren’t necessary as it was unlikely to catch cold in this summer season.

「Seriously, it was unexpected of Hobbes to trust the Griffon. The other guys too, consenting to having a monster so near.」

Though Hobbes was given command of the Orc subjugation force, in the end, he was only a commander in battle. Before arriving at the Orc village, he wasn’t the absolute commander. ……At least Seryl thought so. Therefore, when they decided to camp here, she appealed saying that she didn’t want to sleep near the Griffon even if it was tamed……however, Set’s senses were explained to be exceptional, in addition, after seeing Set’s combat effectiven

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