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Legend Chapter 48

「Now then, you should have a rough understanding of each other’s abilities.」

Gran told the rank up test participants who were standing in the training field in front of him.

As for the people who heard it, some gave a small nod, others smiled and some listened to Gran’s words in frustration.

「Though I’ve said it many times, these mock battles are simply for you to know each other’s strengths for the bandit subjugation. You shouldn’t be too concerned about it. So, the next decision is who will be the leader of this temporary party……」

Muttering, Gran looked at the 6 faces one after the other. With each person wanting to be the leader, they held their breaths waiting to see who would be nominated. Meanwhile, Gran’s fixed his eyes on a certain person.

「Rei, you are now the leader.」

And he was told so.

「What? Me?」

Rei put on a surprised face at Gran’s words. However, Gran nodded to that question without any hesitation.

「Ah. To be blunt, the level of your fighting strength can’t be called D rank at all. Anyhow, you have the ability to defeat an Orc King. However, in your case, in the end, you’re only an individual with high combat power, it has become a necessity for you to act alone. Though it might still be okay at E rank, every now and then at D rank, it will become necessary to work with other people in a group. Because of that, for people like you who are bad at social interaction, you have to do something about it to rank up. At the very least, you have to be able to have a minimum level of communication.」

As Gran pointed out his reasoning with his words, Rei could only keep his silence. He was aware that he wasn’t that good at dealing with other people. And if it was said that it was a requirement to rank up, Rei did not have the choice of not taking on the responsibility of a leader.

「I understand. I’ll assume the role of the leader.」

「I hope you all are ready. Rei will be the leader of the temporary party until the bandit subjugation for the rank up test is completed.」

At Gran’s words, everyone gave a nod.

……However, each of them had a different facial expression.

「Right, well then, I’ll give you the details of the bandit subjugation immediately. First of all, I’ve explained that the bandit hideout is about 2 days distance from the city of Gimuru. I will guide you there. I mean, as I’m the examiner, I have to follow you anyway. We will depart tomorrow morning. We will meet at the front gate at the 9 o’clock bell. The guild will provide a carriage for travel. Any questions?」

At Gran’s words, Culotte spoke up.

「Though the guild will supply a carriage for us, what about other supplies? In particular, food and potions.」

Hearing Culotte’s question, Gran smiled with a grin.

「Only the carriage is provided by the guild. Other necessary supplies are to be provided for yourselves. Naturally, the supplies which each person prepares will be assessed, so be ca

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