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Shen Xi was finally back at home.

To her, this was her real home, where it was filled with warmth and love.

Shen Xi sank into a deep slumber. When she woke up, the evening had arrived, so she got up and took a ladder from the attic.

Yun Jinping was preparing dinner in the kitchen. She cried, “Xixi, what are you doing with the ladder? It’s too heavy, wait for your Dad to help you with it once he’s home.”

Through the window, she saw her daughter straining to carry the ladder towards the wall.

“Mom, I can manage,” Shen Xi replied. Her mother did not know that a big boss who would destroy the whole world one day was living next to them.


As a token of gratitude to Shen Xi, who once offered him a meal, this big boss destroyed the Su family, burned books and annihilated the entire world.


To prevent the big boss from doing so, she must have everything prepared. Each day, she would spread her warmth and kindness to the man, so that he would leave the darkness behind and bathe himself in love and light.

“You stubborn child, you’re still full of injuries. Why strain yourself?” Yun Jinping ran out and told Shen Xi to stand aside while she adjusted the ladder.

“Love you, Mom.” Shen Xi flashed her a hand heart.


Yun Jinping stared at her cautiously. “You aren’t going to peep on the neighbor’s house, are you?”


Shen Xi retorted, “Why don’t you believe your daughter? Do I seem like a pervert to you? I just noticed that we have a new neighbor and I want to greet him.”


Yun Jinping said, “If you want to greet him, you should head to his doorstep openly. Why go to the trouble of climbing up the wall? I’ve made something for you. Bring it over to him afterward.”

Shen Xi shooed her mother away. “Mom, I know what I’m doing. I’m not a kid anymore. Go prepare dinner, Dad will come home soon.”

The big boss was a peculiar individual and never received any visitors. He would not entertain Shen Xi, even if she went up to his doorstep.

Seventeen-year-old Shen Xi was as tender as a flower. She had a pair of ruddy cheeks and had on a red woolen coat. She was wearing a white beanie with a couple of little white balls stitched on.

She was worried that her face did not look presentable enough and it might scare the big boss. Thus, she applied light makeup, then checked herself in the mirror. She pinched her fleshy cheeks and walked out of the house pleasantly.

Yun Jinping watched as her daughter headed out of the house, all dolled up. The latter had a rope around her shoulder and a pot of kalanchoe plant in her arms.

Shen Xi saw her mother looking in her direction. She raised the pot in her arms and grinned. “Mom, a welcome gift for our neighbor.”

Yun Jinping sighed and nodded, “Go, go. Be careful!”


Shen Xi replied, “Yes, Madam Yun!”

Yun Jinping smiled, but her eyes were red-rimmed.

Her daughter had returned, and now, they were finally a complete famil

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