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Yun Jinping suggested kindly, “Then perhaps, we ought to help him. Love thy neighbor, as they say. It’s hard to be disabled.”


Shen Zhangqing listened to them and regarded Shen Xi. “Yes, it’s rather sad. Give him a slice of cake, we can’t finish it anyway.”

Surprised, Yun Jinping asked, “Aren’t you going to eat it?”

“I’m going to lose weight, aren’t I? And to think you two were complaining about me earlier!” Shen Zhangqing sniggered.

Yun Jinping retorted, “Complaining? We’re just concerned about your health. If you keep gaining weight, sooner or later, you’re going to get sick.”

Shen Xi nodded rapidly.

“Understood, shall I start my weight loss plan tomorrow?” Shen Zhangqing chuckled.

Shen Xi smiled as she picked up the cake. “Dad, you must keep your promise. From tomorrow onwards, I’ll monitor your exercise while Mom will prepare special weight loss meals for you. We’ll take care of both your diet and workouts. Once I’m back later, I’ll make you a detailed plan.”

Pointing at Shen Xi, Shen Zhangqing laughed contentedly and bragged, “Dear, I just realized that Xixi has become closer to me since her return.”

Yun Jinping grabbed his hand as he was about to pinch another slice of cake. “Of course, it’s been a year since you last saw her.”

She also noticed that her daughter had become more affectionate since her return.

Shen Zhangqing withdrew his hand sheepishly and rubbed his round belly. “I’m feeling a bit snackish. No, I mustn’t eat!”

Li Yuan was nowhere to be seen when Shen Xi climbed up the wall. She waited for a while in the cold wind before Kun Lun came out. She called him, “Hey handsome!”


Kun Lun looked up and saw something in the young girl’s hands. She was waving at him. He approached her and shushed her. “My boss prefers silence, please be quiet.”

The young girl grinned. Using the rope, she lowered a basket with the cake in it. “Hey, can you pass this to Brother?”

Kun Lun thought, ‘Which brother? Who’s Brother?’

“The Brother who sits in the wheelchair. It’s my birthday today and I want to share my birthday cake with him to spread the joy,” Shen Xi added.

Kun Lun cleared his throat. He did not know how to tell her that the boss would certainly not consume the cake. Still, he could not bring himself to reject the girl’s thoughtful gesture. “Alright.”

Shen Xi asked, “Thank you, do you want one, too? I’ll grab you a slice.”

Kun Lun replied, “I don’t like desserts, thank you.”

Such a thoughtful little girl!

He found the boss to be rather tolerant towards the girl and he had even accepted her flower!

Kun Lun had to brace himself in case she ended up on good terms with the boss and became his reliable assistant.


The man mustered his courage and brought the cake into the house. He knocked on the door to the study and said courteously, “Boss, the girl next door who gave you the flower has offered you a slice of cake. Do you want to try i

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