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However, when Su Yi gazed deep into the depths of his daughter’s eyes, he saw the indifference, coldness, and careless mockery in them. They made her look like a bad and unlikeable person.

As a girl, she ought to be gentler, kinder, and more caring, like his wife or Wanwan, so that people would like her.


“Fifty million.” Shen Xi knocked on the table nonchalantly. “As a payment to sever all ties between me and the Su family. Of course, I won’t tell the public that your wife got to the top as a mistress, and neither will I tell the Gu family that Su Ruowan is a fraud.”

When the Su family brought her back, they told outsiders that she was adopted. On the contrary, Su Ruowan was the real heiress of the family. They even wanted her to keep the secret to protect the marriage between the heirs of the Su and Gu families.

“Are you so poor that you lost your mind?!” Su Muyan boomed.

Little b*tch, it was daylight robbery!

“Muyan, draft us a contract.” Su Yi interrupted his son. Why was he so impulsive? He looked at Shen Xi. “I hope you’ll keep your promise.”

Fifty million? Fine, the Su family was in no shortage of money. He merely treated it as severance pay!

Or else, with a crafty troublemaker like her who was constantly stirring sh*t up, he wondered what she would do to harm Wanwan again.

Shen Xi signed her name. After receiving fifty million yuan, she strode out of the house haughtily while the Su family stared at her scornfully.


It was bright and sunny outside.

She lifted her head to glance at the sunlight. Great, she had money now. Suddenly, she felt refreshed and energetic, and the wounds on her body no longer ached.

“Little Sis.” Unexpectedly, Su Ruowan’s voice appeared behind her. She sounded tender and meek. “Mom, Dad, please talk some sense into her. If anyone is to leave, it’s me. How could you let her go?”


Su Yi and Li Jingran remained quiet. Instead, they glared at Shen Xi viciously.

Su Ruowan eyed Su Muyan in a pleading manner. “Second Elder Brother, I believe Little Sis didn’t mean to push me. I merely broke my leg. How could all of you chase her away?”

Su Muyan clenched his teeth. “Wanwan, she’s not fit to be your sister!”

Su Ruowan regarded Shen Xi pitifully and begged her, “Little Sis, don’t you want to participate in “National Idol”? I’ve told Mom and Dad that I won’t be participating in it, but you will.

My leg is broken and there’s no need for me to head there. You can join the competition and make your dream come true. Please don’t leave, I beg you.”


The other members of the Su family directed furious stares at Shen Xi when they heard this remark. Their gazes were like sharp knives that were launched at her continuously. They desperately wanted to shred her into pieces.

That evil girl pushed Wanwan down the stairs just because she wanted to participate in “National Idol”. What a heartless individual!


Shen Xi nearly threw

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