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Chapter 27: You’re A Wise One, Little Sis

“App development isn’t as easy as you think.”

“Brother, I’m sure you have a lot of classmates overseas, and you know lots of people in Silicon Valley. Make them an offer they can’t resist. Livestreams will blow up within these next two years, and prepare yourself for short videos. Soon, they will be very popular.”

“You sure know a lot.”

Yuan Yu chuckled and let out a sigh. She knew all about his background.

Shen Xi pointed at her head. “Big Brother, I offer the ideas and you offer technical support. These ideas are priceless and no amount of money can buy them.”

Yuan Yu nodded. “I’ll get this done as soon as possible.”

Shen Xi finally smiled. Her smile was like the sun’s rays in spring and had melted her icy demeanor. She patted her chest. “Trust me, Brother. We’ll make tons of profits. Till then, our company will become a proper value chain.

“In half a year, at most, my script will be adapted into a TV series, and our company will propel the first batch of celebrities to fame. When the app is developed, we’ll get our famous celebs to be brand ambassadors of our own products. Easy peasy.”

Yuan Yu regarded her. “I hope so.”

Shen Xi offered him a fist bump. She smiled with confidence. “Always has been.”

Yuan Yu bumped her fist. “Little Sis, what other secrets do you have?”

Shen Xi asked, “Guess?”

Yuan Yu replied, “I trust you.”

He always felt that his judgment and wisdom were better than most people.

However, his younger sister kept surprising him and exceeded him.

Shen Xi had a hearty lunch at her own company. As she laid on the sofa, she wondered whether she had missed out on any unknown artistes with great potential whom she could recruit.

“Chairman Shen, can I come in?” Yuan Yu knocked on the door.

Shen Xi narrowed her eyes and watched as her brother strode in. “Shoot, Chairman Yuan.”

Yuan Yu patted her leg, gesturing at her to make some space. He sat beside her and said, “Director An phoned just now. He likes your script very much and hopes to meet up for a discussion.”

Two days ago, she gave him a TV script of “The Smiling Nation”, adapted from her novel “The Favored Advisor of the Golden Age”.

He read it and found the story to be excellent. As long as they filmed the series according to the script, cast suitable actors and marketed the show in the right manner, it would surely be a hit.

“Alright,” Shen Xi answered lazily.

She was confident about her story, her script and her writing skills.

“I’ll accompany you tomorrow!” Yuan Yu said.

Shen Xi shook her head. “You’re a busy man, Chairman Yuan, and I don’t want to bother you. Aren’t we going to pick up Sweet Sugar afterwards? I’ll let her accompany me.”

Yuan Yu asked, “Why the rush? The shooting can wait until our company is in a more stable condition. We’ll get better resources then.”

Shen Xi laughed. “You have put up with it for 20 years and

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