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Shen Xi was busy last night and woke up late, as a result. She had breakfast in the car.

Capital No. 4 High School was a renowned school for the elite. Anyone who got admitted was a child of the wealthy, and along with their financial status, their academic achievements were the top in China.

Due to her relationship with the Su family, Shen Xi was admitted to the school.

She was in her senior year and would sit for theGaokao1in June of the following year. She had no plans of transferring to another school.

After all, Su Ruowan and Su Mushi were here, and she wanted to have some fun with them!

Shen Xi was no genius, yet she wanted to pursue film studies and become a celebrity. She spent most of her time in the arts and theatre, thus her results were poor.

On the other hand, Su Mushi and Su Ruowan, who were also in their senior years, belonged to the top class in Capital No. 4 High School. They often secured the first two places in their grade.

Su Mushi was the first in his grade whereas Su Ruowan was second.

Theinternational class1that Shen Xi was in was composed of students with very bad results. This class was known as Class R, where R stood for “rubbish”.

The students here were supposed to study abroad after graduation, just so it would make their academic qualifications look better. Their families had already chosen universities for them. The well-known universities overseas did not bother much about their results.

Shen Xi sat in the last row at the back of the class. Her deskmate was Pei Xu, who was absent from class for most of the year. He was the boss of Class R and the school gangster.

In the morning, the students in Class R either slept or played games. Nobody picked on her and they behaved as if she were invisible.

At noon, Shen Xi headed to the canteen alone for lunch.

The canteen on the first floor of Capital No. 4 High School was the regular canteen.

A private restaurant was located on the floor above, and the floor above that was made up of high-class restaurants, Michelin-grade restaurants and other outlets that served French and Japanese cuisine.

There were a lot of people in the first-floor canteen and it was packed.

After all, a majority of the students at the school came from middle-class families. They would not frequent the restaurants daily as they had limited funds.

Shen Xi ordered rice with servings of meat and vegetables. Then, she walked towards a nearby young man and sat opposite him.

Four unoccupied tables stood within two meters of the young man and not a soul was in sight.

He was akin to an uninhabited island in the middle of a sea of people.

When the young man noticed her, a look of surprise flashed across his face. Next, he nodded and smiled at her.

Shen Xi nodded in return.

They did not interact any further and ate in silence.

Not only did Shen Xi possess a distant and elegant aura, but she also had a beautiful face. Her

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