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Chapter 24: Way Too Forward

Everyone in the international class was taken aback.

In the past, Shen Xi was invisible to them and a nobody.

Today, she was proud and dignified, a diamond that shone brightly in the dark.

Shen Xi was swift in her action. The blade passed through the gap between two of Su Mushi’s fingers and bored itself through the surface of the desk. She parted her lips and uttered one word, “Leave!”

The blade of the penknife was buried into the desk and only its handle was to be seen.

The rest of the students were stunned. They were impressed and somewhat horrified at the same time. Amazing!

Su Mushi regarded the fierce Shen Xi with a chill down his spine. He warned, “Shen Xi, just you wait!”

The students of the international class came from rich families and not many of them feared Su Mushi. They could not help but laugh when they saw how hilarious he looked trying to play it cool.

It was their first time seeing Su Mushi’s agitated expression. Shen Xi was right. He looked repulsive, indeed.

“What are you laughing at?!” Su Mushi yelled angrily. He was close to exploding in rage as the whole class jeered at him, so he left.

He made a fool of himself, all because of that wicked b*tch Shen Xi.

He would have his revenge and get her out of Capital No. 4 High School one day.

Shen Xi’s lips curled into a smile as Su Mushi fled. Slowly, she pulled the penknife out of the desk.

Ultimately, Su Mushi was just a douche who bullied those weaker than him but feared the ones who were stronger than him.


“Shen Xi’s a badass!”


“Hahaha, I never liked the way Su Mushi behaves. He’s so fake. Nicely done!”

The students in the international class cheered enthusiastically and gave their thumbs up to Shen Xi. Their eyes were filled with admiration and respect.

It was perfectly executed, and it felt great!

The students of the international class and the top class had never seen eye to eye. They hated each other.

Students from the top class often despised the imbeciles from the international class. They chided them for being stupid and made fun of their results.

The students from the international class were not bothered by this. Instead, they jeered the top class students for being nerds and robots that studied all day long.

The girls who disliked Shen Xi after Pei Xu had shown interest in her were now fascinated by her. They had even started to like her.

Not bad, she was rather remarkable.

The international class girls excelled at smoking, drinking, make-up, clubbing, dancing and gaming. However, they sucked academically, and most of the time, they hated superficial people.

People like Su Ruowan, who seemed kind, attractive and popular on the surface, were the ones they hated the most.

On the contrary, people like Shen Xi were honest, direct and did not attempt to put up a front. As such, the girls adored her. The peopl

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