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Chapter 26: Seizing The Opportunity

Yuan Yu was efficient. In less than a week, he had taken care of the paperwork required to set up a new company. The only thing holding him back was his opinion of the company name.

“Xixi, why don’t we discuss the company name again?” Yuan Yu thought the name sounded frivolous.

“Does ‘Cosmos Entertainment Corporation’ sound wrong to you?” Shen Xi asked.

“It sounds so frivolous, doesn’t befit a man of my intelligence and maturity.” Yuan Yu regarded his younger sister whose face was devoid of a smile.

When the girl first met him, she was rather cheerful.

Recently, she had not smiled at him. He even felt stressed when she behaved sternly towards him.

“It’s appropriate.” Shen Xi threw him a sideways look. Her gaze seemed to tell him that he was the frivolous one.

“Ok, you’re the shareholder and the investor, so you have the final say.” Yuan Yu gave in and scanned through her proposal.

Her proposal was split into several sections, such as films, TV shows, variety shows, artistes, singers, screenwriting, directing, livestreams and short videos.

The lists that she prepared were categorized clearly. They included actors, singers, performing idols, screenwriters, directors, make-up artists and stylists. The information was comprehensive.

Some of these people were newcomers to show business; Some of them were still in high school, and some of them had been in the industry for a while but never made a name for themselves.

Yuan Yu could get these people on board. He would not question her choices, for those were her secrets.

He would listen to her if she told him, and he would not force her if she did not want to. He decided to trust her the moment he worked with her.

“Chairman Shen, I think livestreaming is too risky and we don’t have enough funds to invest in it now.” Yuan Yu looked at her. “We’d better think this through!”

“Brother, are you sure you don’t have the funds?” Shen Xi eyed him intriguingly.

“We have only just begun. The stakes are too high and we can’t afford it.” Yuan Yu believed it was better to take it a step at a time.

“Brother, I never knew you were so timid. There’s a balance between risk and revenue. You have a double degree in finance and economic management, and you’re afraid of this?” Shen Xi was aware of his vast network.

Back in the day, the Yuan family was somewhat influential. Yuan Yu’s mother, Yuan Xiangwan was the only daughter of the family. After she passed away, he should be the rightful heir to her property.

Unfortunately, Su Yi and Li Jingran did something to the will and seized the Yuan family’s property.

The elders of the Yuan family were sworn brothers of Elder Yuan and loyal to him. They grew a spine and left the Yuan family.

Those old men would not abandon Yuan Yu, who was the only descendant and heir to the family.

“Shen Xi, as a hands-off boss, do you know the cost of managing our company’s

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