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Su Mushi was no ordinary guy, either. The son of a wealthy family and a popular newcomer in showbiz, he was a Grade A student with good looks and was widely regarded as the hottest guy in Capital No. 4 High School.

Both Pei Xu and Su Mushi were famous in school and equally attractive. Girls liked and supported them.

“Pei Xu, watch yourself.” Su Mushi’s voice resounded from the second floor.

Shen Xi looked up and saw him standing together with a handsome young man.

The young man had a pair of narrow yet alluring eyes. His features were perfect and stunning. He was leaning against the railing lazily with his hands in his pockets. He was like one of those pretty boys in the pages of comic books.


The young man glanced at her and directed a teasing gaze at her. He was a flirtatious fellow.

Yu Qiubai was Su Mushi’s best friend and China’s future celebrity. With a face like his, he had amassed a large number of fans, who regarded him as a “walking aphrodisiac”.


When the girls in the canteen realized that the popular guys in school had shown up, their eyes lit up with glee and they screamed excitedly.

“Su Mushi, I’m busy. When did it become your turn to speak?” Pei Xu threw him a nonchalant look.

“Forgive and forget, Alpha Xu.” Yu Qiubai’s eyes seemed even more sensual when he smiled. “Forgive her this time, for my sake!”

Pei Xu returned an intimidating gaze. “Yu Qiubai, stay away from me.”

“I heard that you never bully girls.” Yu Qiubai maintained his smile. “From the looks of it, they are just rumors.”

“Pei Xu, the only thing you are good at is bullying girls,” Su Mushi jeered.


Pei Xu was a hot-tempered individual and was prone to outbursts when enraged. He glared at Liu Yan wickedly and spat, “Get lost!”

Liu Yan and her girlfriends fled and ran upstairs, hiding behind Su Mushi and Yu Qiubai.

Shen Xi eyed Su Mushi momentarily before turning away.

Su Mushi stared at her back and frowned. A look of suspicion crossed his face.

When Shen Xi cut ties with the Su family and left, he and his eldest brother were not present. According to his second elder brother, she had become a different person, but he did not believe him.


Every day, Shen Xi was like a dog that obeyed and appeased them. She could not have changed much.

However, he no longer saw the submission in her eyes, but scorn and haughtiness in its place.

Hmph, she was just a nasty, wicked person. She had no need to act all high and mighty!

As she was no longer part of the Su family, he had no need to be merciful towards her. He decided to seize this opportunity to chase her out of Capital No. 4 High School before Wanwan returned, lest the latter be angry at the sight of Shen Xi.

Shen Xi did not leave but headed to the canteen’s counter.

A thick-skinned Pei Xu followed her.

“This, this, this and this, all of them.” Pei Xu ordered a bunch of dishes and smiled. “Lil Xixi, have som

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