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[Sweet Sugar: Hey dear, do consider the offer. The royalty fee is one million, and it’s a lot to you.

Cloud Seven: My big brother has started an entertainment company and is looking for screenwriters. Why don’t you consider switching jobs?

Sweet Sugar: ConfusedNickYoungMeme.jpg

Cloud Seven: The pay’s double.

Sweet Sugar: It’s all happening too quickly, slow down.

Cloud Seven: Guaranteed profits. Food and accommodation provided too.]

When she became disabled and focused on writing novels, Shen Xi shut herself in her room every day. She spent her time watching movies, TV shows and variety shows, and keeping up with the latest entertainment gossip.

Her former editor, Sweet Sugar was the bigshot screenwriter, Yu An, who became famous later. Every one of her works was an instant success.

[Sweet Sugar: Hang on, are you still going to sell your rights?

Cloud Seven: Nope, I’ll adapt it on my own.

Sweet Sugar: Is it true that the pay’s double, and food and accommodation are provided?

Cloud Seven: Yep.

Sweet Sugar: Send me the address and I’ll pack up immediately.]

Sweet Sugar was in the city and needed time to settle her resignation and handover matters. She told Shen Xi that she would take the train on Sunday.

As the boss, Shen Xi said that she would pay for her flight and pick her up at the airport.

Sweet Sugar was extremely grateful.

[Sweet Sugar: Thank you, boss! I promise to work my butt off and I won’t disappoint you!

Cloud Seven: All the best!]

Shen Xi snapped her fingers happily. Mission accomplished. The renowned screenwriter of the future was now her employee!

The next morning.

Yun Jinping woke Shen Xi up.

“Xixi, slow down, don’t rush, let your dad drive you to school.” Yun Jinping cried when she saw how frantic Shen Xi behaved.

Shen Xi grabbed the food on the table and placed them on a plate. She got a bowl of congee as well, then ran out of the house.

“Wait, your bag, you haven’t taken your bag!” Shen Zhangqing ran after her with a school bag.

Shen Xi answered as she ran, “I’m not leaving, the food’s for the neighbor. Didn’t you say that we should care for him?”

Yun Jinping eyed the plate filled with food. The bowl containing the congee was also the largest bowl they had. She glanced at Shen Zhangqing, “Is the neighbor a fatso?”

Shen Zhangqing assumed she was making a jab at him and muttered with an innocent expression, “I’m on a diet, I’m not eating!”

Shen Xi’s basket and rope were already at the foot of the wall. She held the breakfast in her arms and climbed up the wall.

The man was sitting at the entrance quietly and was far away from her. Still, she could sense the cool aura from him.

“Brother, my mom told me to offer you breakfast.” Shen Xi waved an arm at him rapidly and lowered the basket. “My mom’s steamed dumplings and pan-fried buns are delicious. The congee with pork and century egg is tasty, too.”

Li Yuan looke

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