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Chapter 28: Confirmed Flops

At noon, Su Mushi’s manager received the script.

Coincidentally, the manager was free and read through it. He was impressed by the plot and sent it to the Su family immediately.

Su Mushi was engrossed in the script and skipped dinner as a result. After he read it, he rushed out of his room and cried, “Mom, Dad, I want to take this series up!”

Su Yi had just come home and was watching a TV show with Li Jingran and Su Ruowan. “Why are you so excited? You should see your own face.”

“Dad, don’t scold him.” Su Ruowan chirped and grinned. “The script must be excellent if my third elder brother is taking it so seriously.”

Su Mushi explained, “Mom, Dad, look at the script. It’s a large-scale production and the male and female leads are likable. Even the supporting characters are interesting and not one-dimensional. The plot is full of twists and turns too. I have a feeling that it will be a success.”

Su Ruowan flipped through the script and her eyes glimmered with enthusiasm. “Brother, isn’t this “The Favored Advisor of the Golden Age”? It’s going to be adapted into a TV series? I love this novel and it made me cry so much last time.”

Li Jingran listened and looked through the script. “Dear, find out about this series’ investors, director, screenwriter and actors.”

Soon enough, Su Yi found the answers. “The director isn’t confirmed yet, and the investment is less than five million, so it’s impossible to get a renowned director with that budget. It’s a low-budget web series after all and won’t be much of a success.”

Su Mushi refused to give in. “Dad, I have a feeling that it’ll be a hit. Why don’t we invest in this series? I’ll be the male lead.”

“Your parents came from the industry and have more experience than you, so of course, I can tell whether this series will be a hit or not. Dream on if you think that it will achieve some small measure of success. Investing in it will just be a waste of money.” Su Yi let out a cold laugh and did not bother to read the script.

“Mushi, I also find it hard to believe that five million will be able to produce something, even though this series claims to be a big-budget production. It’s not even enough to cover a C-list actor’s salary. Do you think it can be a hit if the costumes, make-up and props are badly done?” Li Jingran lowered the script and chuckled.

Everybody dreamed of being famous, but how many people in showbiz were able to make it?

It was simply unthinkable for a low-budget TV series, produced by a small production team, to become a hit.

“I agree with Mom and Dad,” Su Ruowan added, “This lousy production is no match for someone of your status!”

Su Mushi still thought it was a shame to give up on it. “I still think that this series will blow up.”

Su Ruowan covered her mouth and laughed. “My dear brother, every time you see a script that you fancy, you think it’ll be a hit. Luckily, our parents are smart and re

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