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“Old Shen, do you have the confidence?” Shen Xi offered her father a fist bump.

Shen Zhangqing bumped her fist and said, “You must trust your father, do you understand? Apart from being fat, your dad is fine, and his brain still functions normally!”


Shen Xi happily returned to her room to prepare her proposal.

Shen Zhangqing watched as his daughter hummed a tune and skipped joyfully into her room. Then, he embraced Yun Jinping with red-rimmed eyes. “Don’t worry, dear. I won’t let you and Xixi down.”

Yun Jinping nodded and replied with a hoarse voice, “How much pain has our Xixi endured at the Su family?”


Shen Zhangqing comforted her, “She’s grown up and can’t remain a child forever. She has matured, and we should be happy about it.”

Their daughter used to be a bit stubborn and feisty, yet innocent. She had become more reliable after living with the Su family.

“I don’t want her to be so mature.” Yun Jinping grieved.

Of course, she knew that it was a good thing that her daughter had matured.

Nonetheless, her daughter had to go through so much misery before attaining her maturity!

Halfway through her draft, Shen Xi’s received a notification onQQ1. Her website’s editor sent her a message and informed her that someone wanted to buy the rights to her novel. She was asked whether she was willing to sell it.


Every girl had a dream of becoming a princess. She would dream of her Prince Charming, who would visit her on his white steed and marry her.

Back when she was still a naïve little girl, she loved to daydream.

When she was in middle school, she would serialize novels on the web.

At first, she wrote about princes and princesses.

When her writing skills improved, she published a few novels about high school romances.

It sounded embarrassing. Until today, her wiki profile still stated that she was a well-known writer of highschool love stories.

Later, as print media gradually became obsolete, she got busier than usual.

The publication requirements were strict and she did not have the time to edit her stories every day. She was not in urgent need of the money either, so she changed her pseudonym and wrote romance stories on the web.

It was her first work after switching to writing web novels and a cross between the genres of political fiction, historical fiction and fantasy. The female lead, who survived a genocide, came back with a vengeance. The series was known as “The Favored Advisor of the Golden Age”.

Later, it got published and the rights to the novel were sold. It was adapted as a web series known as “The Smiling Nation”. However, the story was heavily butchered and the show was widely regarded as a flop.

Much later, Shen Xi’s legs and hands were crippled and her face got disfigured. After her dream of becoming a celebrity was smashed to smithereens, she began to delve into her own world. Words were the only things that could calm her trouble

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