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When Kun Lun entered the courtyard with a lunchbox in his hands, he got a shock. He stood still, not knowing whether to head over or to leave.

He could not believe his eyes. The big boss was by the wall and listening to a young girl telling him nonsense.


Usually, the boss hated it when people talked nonsense to him.

Whenever he and his co-workers reported to the boss for work, they would get their figures correct first before heading to him.

The girl by the wall was adorable, indeed. The little woolen balls on her beanie would sway whenever she spoke. One would melt at the sight of such cuteness.

Still, she was babbling away, and the boss actually listened to her.

No doubt, the boss, who was often distant, cold-blooded, and aloof, behaved patiently towards the young girl.

“Brother, someone’s looking for you.”

Shen Xi was the first to spot the man standing at the entrance.

The man was clothed in a finely tailored suit. He was tall and attractive and had a fancy lunchbox in his hands.

She had seen him by Li Yuan’s side before. The latter called him Kun Lun.

Li Yuan looked at him.

Kun Lun met his gaze and bowed to him respectfully. Then, he walked towards the villa.

Shen Xi saw something and her eyes glimmered with excitement. “Brother, my dad, Old Shen, is back. I’ll be heading home, you should go home and have dinner too!”

Li Yuan seemed unmoved by her words and did not respond to her. He swiveled his wheelchair around with his back facing her.

Deep down, Shen Xi sighed. She said so many things and her mouth felt dry.

Yet, he remained silent and behaved as if she was invisible and non-existent.

This wretched life was hopeless!

Noticing that the man was about to leave, she cried, “Brother, today’s my birthday. Could you wish me ‘Happy Birthday’?”

The only replies she got were the whoosh of the northern breeze and the creaking sound of the wheelchair as it moved about on the ground. The man had drawn boundaries with the whole world with his inhospitable mannerisms.

Shen Xi let out a long sigh. ‘Alright, don’t give up, at least he took the flower with him. That means there’s still hope.’

Soon, Old Shen’s car arrived at the entrance to her home. He carried several large sacks with him.

Her ladder was placed behind a loquat tree that shielded her from view. Therefore, Old Shen did not see her when he stepped into the courtyard.

The flowers in the courtyard were planted by Old Shen and Madam Yun.

Madam Yun loved planting flowers and her attic was filled with different species of flowers, especially rare ones.

The loquat trees in the courtyard were shipped here painstakingly by Old Shen from his old residence. There were a total of eight trees here.

Eight was her lucky number. No matter what Madam Yun and Old Shen did, they wanted the number “eight” to be represented.


At the turn of the seasons, she would feel uncomfortable. She oft

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