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Liu Yan was aware that the b*stard Shen Xi paid no heed to her and mocked her!

Instinctively, Yu Yuanxi wanted to protect Shen Xi.

“Borrowing your lunch.” Shen Xi was one step ahead. She got up, took the plate in front of him, and slapped it across Liu Yan’s face.


The onlookers did not expect this turn of events.

In the distance.

“Beautiful! What a girl! I’m gonna date her!” Pei Xu clapped and cheered excitedly.


His cronies eyed him in a confused manner. Did Alpha Xu not recognize her?

Pei Xu nudged a friend beside him and asked, “Lin Ge, find out which class she’s from and what’s her name.”

“Alpha Xu, that’s Shen Xi,” Lin Ge replied with a dumbfounded expression.

Pei Xu glanced at him impatiently. “Who’s Shen Xi?”

Lin Ge said, “She’s your deskmate.”


“F*ck, whoever dares to bully my girl is dead meat!” Pei Xu swore and rushed forward.


Lin Ge and his friends followed him.

Among the crowd.

Shen Xi behaved coolly and her gaze was filled with disdain.

A flustered Liu Yan yelled, “Go, get her and beat her to death!”

Yu Yuanxi panicked. He stood up and wanted to shield Shen Xi.

“I shall see who dares to bully my girl!” Pei Xu leaped forward boldly and blocked Shen Xi.

Shen Xi threw him an irritated glance. She thought he was a nuisance.

Liu Yan’s wrath waned when she realized his presence. She pointed at Shen Xi and complained, “Alpha Xu, it’s about time you arrived. She’s the one who bullied Wanwan and caused her to break her leg.”

She knew that she did not have to lift a finger and Shen Xi would be dead this time.

Everybody knew that Alpha Xu had feelings for Wanwan and was one of her loyal admirers.

“Who’s Wanwan?” Pei Xu slowly raised his eyebrows. He cast a smug look at Liu Yan and wanted to put an arm around Shen Xi.

Shen Xi kicked his foot and gave him a warning stare.

“Don’t be angry, Xixi, don’t be angry. I’m going to avenge you!” Pei Xu grinned at her.


The onlooking students were confused. What happened? Since when was Alpha Xu on such good terms with Shen Xi?

“Alpha Xu!” Liu Yan could not believe her eyes and was about to explode.

Pei Xu scornfully regarded her and pointed at the food on the floor haughtily. “Lick it clean!”

Liu Yan was fuming and clenched her fists tightly. “Pei Xu, don’t you dare!”

Pei Xu laughed. Disdain and nonchalance were written all over his face as he drawled, “So? Don’t you understand me?”

Liu Yan saw Lin Ge and the gang’s arrival and glared at Shen Xi bitterly. “Pei Xu, are you going to offend Brother Shi because of Shen Xi?”

She was on Brother Shi’s side and Wanwan’s bestie!

Pei Xu’s intolerance towards her meant that he was disrespecting Brother Shi and Wanwan!

“So what about Su Mushi? Stop using him to threaten me!” Pei Xu’s arrogance and contempt were obvious. He already looked impatient. “Lick it.”


Liu Yan gritted her teeth but dared

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