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Chapter 63: Fulsome Praises

Not to brag, but the clothes Shen Xi and Dad wore had always been made and tailored by Mom.

Her classmates envied her, saying her clothes were in vogue and pretty, in the class of international brands.

Of course, it was on par. Although Mom did not work since graduation and became a housewife, she had always carried passion and love towards apparels.

Mom had never stopped a subscription in fashion magazines nor had she missed watching the fashion week of various named brands. She definitely was up to date with the fashion trends.

“There’s no way I can. I can do it if it’s just making clothes for you and your dad but it’s been a while since I got into it. No can do, my brain can’t keep up. I’m old.”

“Mom, you’re not old. You’re only forty. Your life has just only started, all right?

“Look at the big fashion designers out there.They’re pushing seventy or eighty yet are still active at the top of the fashion world, leading the fashion trend. They never call themselves old!”

“I’m only a diploma holder in design. I can’t compete with these people.”

“A few of the real big-named designers are of similar educational background. Mom, your aesthetics and fashion senses are top notch. I believe you can make it.”

“Only you think I can.”

“Well, I’m going to establish my own fashion brand after winning the design competition. Mom, you will be my chief designer. I have it all thought out.”

“If I’m the chief designer, what about you?”

“I’m the chief designers’ daughter!”

Fancying herself terrific, Shen Xi embraced Yun Jinping. “Mom, I’m all grown up. You don’t have to worry about me. I know you have a thing for clothes and always dreamed to be a designer. It’s high time that I help you realize your dreams.”

Getting teary-eyed, Yun Jinping shot her an uncertain look. “Can I really do it?”

Shen Xi solemnly gave a nod. “Mom, have faith in me!”

Once she bagged first place, Shen Xi was going to establish her own brand under Mom’s name. It was all planned out.

“Okay, I believe in you.” Yun Jinping heavily nodded her head.

Her daughter was all grown up and becoming a shoulder for her to lean on. Yun Jinping put faith in Shen Xi’s every word. Truth be told, Yun Jinping did have regrets becoming a fulltime housewife following her marriage right after graduation.

She loved fashion design and after all these years, it was not as though Yun Jinping never thought of getting back out there to work. However, with her husband busy with work and Xixi occupied with many art classes, they could not possibly function without her.

This time, she wanted to give it a go and make a path for herself. As mentioned by her daughter, age was not a factor. Yun Jinping could still go after her dreams.

After the capital’s first snowfall, the weather grew colder and soon it was December.

The Chinese Mathematical Olympiad would be in its finals the following week.

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