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Chapter 67: Your Nose Will Grow

The head counsellor soon barged in, alongside security escorts, and broke up the fight.

Yu Yuanxi was bruised across his face and all over his body. He looked like he was about to charge and bite, judging by the resentment in his eyes and air of inauspiciousness in his body language.

The remaining few had it worse than him. Crying in pain, they complained to the head counsellor that Yu Yuanxi hit first.

The head counsellor was livid. The school’s outstanding students, intending to enter the Chinese Mathematical Olympiad, were caught in a fight. The head counsellor pointed at the people in the classroom. “Tell me, who pulled the first punch?”

Everyone in the class unanimously turned to Yu Yuanxi.

“Teacher.” Raising her hand, Shen Xi stood up. “I can bear witness that Yu Yuanxi started the fight.”

Emotionally, Yu Yuanxi was about to lose it.

Shen Xi’s words were the straw that broke a camel’s back.

Frozen, he stared at her in disbelief as he experienced a sudden sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Yu Yuanxi did not expect any help when he was humiliated just now.

However, it never occurred to him that she would stand up and point the finger at him.

“They.” Shen Xi pointed at everyone else in the room. “They slung mud and framed Yu Yuanxi, making him get on his knees while everyone made fun of him.

“They then cursed his sick grandma, saying that she deserved to die for the sin of being poor. If I were Yu Yuanxi, I would have torn their mouths apart and beat them until they peed their pants!”

Yu Yuanxi’s eyes welled up by the comment. For a moment, he was caught between complex emotions of remorse and shame.

How could he lump her together with these people?

Yu Yuanxi really doubted her intentions for a second just then.

Turning ashen in the face, the head counsellor was no stranger to the fact Yu Yuanxi was bullied by the school. He glowered. “Was a fight really necessary because of a joke between classmates?”

With the top class consisting of excellent students, it would not put the school in a good light if they were subject to disciplinary action.

Moreover, these students were not to be messed with since they were from influential families. Weighing between the pros and cons, he chose their side.

“Go to hell then!” Scoffing, Shen Xi blurted in a cold voice.

Blowing a fuse, the head counsellor pointed at Shen Xi while giving her a telling-off. “Is this how you talk to your teacher?”

“I was only joking. Why are you getting all worked up for?” Shen Xi nonchalantly grinned.

The head counsellor’s blood was boiling. “Is this the kind of joke you make?”

“How can’t I? It’s a joke when they curse someone else’s grandma but when I say it, it’s not a joke anymore?” Shen Xi added. “Teacher, you sure have double standards!”

The head counsellor had seen it all. He had come across all kinds of difficult, rebellious, and irr

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