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Chapter 82: Belle Of The Ball

Li Jingran looked rather dignified and magnanimous today with that red floor-length evening gown on and her makeup on point. Carrying herself with a natural air of elegance, she captured a mature appeal and exotic charm that was only achievable through the flowing of time.

The reporters moved their camera lenses towards Li Jingran the moment she stepped onto the red carpet. They exclaimed in awe before the film star as Li Jingran looked perfect on the red carpet tonight.

The second she graced the scene was when Li Jingran loved and enjoyed the most. With all cameras directed at her, it was glorious to have all eyes on her.

She glanced at starlets on the red carpet who just made their debut. They were trying to strike a pose to get a few shots after Li Jingran took the spotlight away from them. Oh, how she pitied and felt for them!

Li Jingran had strutted along about ten meters.

All of a sudden.

Someone shouted, “Ms. Gong. Look, it’s Ms. Gong!”

Hiding away from the camera, Li Jingran’s eyes flickered in disdain and mockery.

That b*tch, Gong Zhi had come to embarrass herself once again.

Gong Zhi really did not know her place even though she was always deemed the loser in the battle of beauty with Li Jingran. When would she ever learn?

With those looks of hers and the lousy stylists under her, god knew where Gong Zhi found the courage to set herself side by side with Li Jingran.

However, it took a while for Li Jingran to realize the cameras that were all over her before, had all disappeared in an instant. Chasing after the blinking lights, it was Gong Zhi in front of the cameras!

Gong Zhi waved and flashed her teeth at her, not hiding the delight and provocation in her smile.

The rush of blood sent tightness in Li Jingran’s chest.

Li Jingran never saw Gong Zhi as a competitor. Yet now, this everlasting runner-up stole the limelight and attention away from her.


The awestruck media fixated their cameras on Gong Zhi, refusing to miss a moment.

Dressed in a black evening gown, Gong Zhi carried herself with grandeur and pride of a black swan as well as the fascination of a witch in dark fairy tales. Each simple act brought out a different side to her.

The commanding presence belonging to a queen and empowered woman simply blew everyone away. The people wanted nothing more than to worship and bow down to her beauty.

Gong Zhi was having a ball.

Active in showbiz for over two decades, she had walked countless red carpets, been in the presence of numerous cheers, applause, and honor under the spotlight.

Never once had Gong Zhi felt the alacrity she was experiencing now. It was a hearty feeling of gratification, as though she held the whole world in her hands.

She beat Li Jingran, a nemesis she was in constant strife for over twenty years.

Today was one example. Gong Zhi upstaged Li Jingran, leaving the latter without

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