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Chapter 94: Over The Moon

Su Mushi nodded in agreement.

“Mushi, don’t let dad know before the results are out.” Su Muyan advised.

Dad left him to take care of the website. In other words, it was for Muyan to fool with and get familiar with.

“I know that. Relax.” Su Mushi fancied himself the look of a winner. “No matter what, these are clean profits. The cash betting on 10% ratings will be ours. Dad will be happy that you brought in so much money after only a month under your management.”

He could already envision the TV show becoming a total bust and the TV station together with the investor dying in a pool of their own blood.

“It’s all thanks to your idea, Mushi.” Su Muyan was ecstatic as though money was already waving at him.

Although he had no interest in business, who was he to say no to some idiot giving out free money?

Dad would not hold him accountable even if profits were down, but Dad would look favorably upon him if it were the other way around.

The pair talked behind closed doors, bursting out in egoistical laughter at the thought of swimming in money very soon. They were lucky to make a fortune from the investor of the TV show who wore a ten-dollar hat on his five-cent head.

Shen Xi was getting busier with the end of term around the corner. She was occupied with her studies, exams, and various competitions.

Li Yuan was engaged at work now that it was nearing the end of the year. Nevertheless, he would always make it home before classes were over regardless how busy he was, afraid that the young lady would continue to wait on him.

On this day, Li Yuan was home early. The girl was not home from school since it was only past four o’clock. Sitting on the wheelchair, he waited for her while absent-mindedly flipping through the book in his hands.

“Boss, Ms. Shen is back.” Kun Lun came running from outside and whispered to Li Yuan in hushed tones.

Li Yuan coldly swept him a glance, implying on his wordiness.

With a chill running down his spine, Kun Lun hung his head low. He merely forgot his manners as Boss seemed anxious from all the waiting.

Noticing Big Boss’s car parked at the entrance, Shen Xi enthusiastically climbed up the wall and sweetly shouted before she had a chance to put down her backpack. “Brother!”

Li Yuan let out a cough as he calmly lifted his head from his book. Gazing at the girl, a smile unveiled across his lips. “School’s out?”

Big Boss’s outfit was the first thing Shen Xi saw – It was the wool coat she had gifted. Sure, her heart may be pounding out of blissful joy, but she pretended not to notice and grinned with smiley eyes. “Brother, why are you off work this early?”


Brother was wearing the outfit she made!

She was under the impression that he never wore it because he did not like it. She was upset for quite a while.

No, no. Shen Xi had to pull herself together before he found out that she was over the moon.

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