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Chapter 43: Not Anymore

Su Muyan gave Shen Xi a sombre look. “Shen Xi, do you think that you’ll come out on top by breaking Wanwan’s leg? Dream on!”

Shen Xi may have been laughing, but her eyes were frozen to the core. “I’d still win even if I didn’t break her leg.”

There was some sort of alluring frostiness that was gorgeously breathtaking when she chuckled.

With his eyes alighting with clear surprise, Su Muyan grew fretful. “I’m the judge of the finals. What makes you think that your wishful thinking will become reality?”

“Save it, Su Muyan. No matter what you do, you can’t change the fact that Su Ruowan is nothing but a piece of trash who got to where she is by using the back door.” Shen Xi mocked with a smirk.

Reaching his boiling point, Su Muyan clenched his teeth and pointed at her. “You brat! Don’t you bad-mouth Wanwan. You’re the trash!”

What came next was Shen Xi picking up a chair.

Shen Xi swung the chair and smashed it on Su Muyan’s head with all her might.

Darkness overcame Su Muyan before he could react to it. Following his body going limp, he lost consciousness.

Shen Xi stared down at him with chilly blood-thirsty eyes while absent-mindedly curling her lips. “You’re not the judge now.”

“Lil Xixi, Shen Xi!” Song Wenye’s voice was drawing close.

Why was she missing? Things were not looking good. Something had gone wrong with Lil Xixi’s stage costume – it was torn!

The door to the room at the end of the corridor.

A tall and slender young man stood against a wall. Hearing someone calling out Shen Xi’s name, he perked the corner of his lips and stood erect to leave.

Song Wenye was brushing past him when her eyes lit up. She hastened her pace to stop him. “Hey handsome, are you here for the rehearsal?”

What a knockout!

The young man before her was blessed with ethereal-like beauty – A distant look on his gorgeously fair face, profound facial features, and eyes bright as the stars.

The young man threw her a glance. “No.”

Song Wenye made a groundhog shriek.



This gorgeous man’s voice was simply euphoric, seductive, and easy on the ears!

“You must be working at the TV station then!” Song Wenye did want to move away from this good-looking man. “My uncle is the director of Cathay TV Station. You can look for me anytime if you need anything.”

With those looks, it would be a waste if he did not end up a celebrity!

Sure, she wanted to stash away all the beauties in the world for her own admiration. Nevertheless, their looks should benefit all mankind in order to exercise its greatest value.

The young man hummed in agreement.

Hot with emotions, Song Wenye whipped out her phone. “Handsome, let’s add each other on WeChat!”

The young man retorted, “I’m sorry, I don’t have a phone.”

Song Wenye knew that he was lying. “Hey Handsome, what’s your name?”

The young man darted her a look with his narrow bewitching eyes before

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