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Chapter 71: Anxious

She was Gong Li, a famous animator who would be called the Dawn of Chinese Animation in the future!

Some years later, she would launch a movement to reject making comics in a capital-run and studio-run environment. The campaign would return the copyright to the comic artists, and give aesthetics to comic lovers. The campaign was huge and won the support of comic lovers all over the world.

The movement was quite successful and influential.

The same year, countless excellent comic artists emerged in China, and the stagnant comic book industry ushered in a rebirth. That year was also called the first year of Chinese comics.

When Gong Li hung up the phone, she was still a little confused. Did Shen Xi just use reverse psychology on her?

However, even if it was reverse psychology, she was still happy.

The little beauty’s art style simply ticked all the boxes. She was just too good!

After Shen Xi talked to Gong Li, she called Yuan Yu. “Brother, I found a comic artist called Gong Li. She’ll report to the company tomorrow.”

Then, she briefly talked to him about the requirements needed to be the largest online comic platform in China, and give comic artists a free and equal creative environment.

In the comic industry, there would be a lot on the plate once the comic started to take off. There was publishing, games, animation, film and television, and even spin-offs. The benefits were plenty of benefits.

Yuan Yu had a headache. “Are you planning to monopolize all the entertainment industries?”

Shen Xi said, “You can leave Gong Li to her own devices. Let her do whatever she wants, and give her anything she wants too. You don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Yuan Yu. “You just met her. Why do you trust her so much?”

Shen Xi smiled. “If you use a person, don’t suspect them.”

Yuan Yu treated her as a treasure. With his position as a major shareholder, he listened to her. What else could he do? “Okay, I’ll take care of it. You can rest assured!”

“Brother, do you remember that I told you about this person called Yu Yuanxi in my school? I might bring him to the company in the near future. It’s for that movie that I mentioned before.”

“Don’t rush. The audition for the film’s lead role is next month!”

“Thank you.”

“I’m your brother. Stop being so courteous with me.”

Shen Xi hung up the phone, got off the bus, and returned home. The first thing she did was run and climb the wall.

A thick layer of snow had fallen in the big boss’s yard. The plum blossoms were already about to bloom, and the smell had gotten stronger.

The door to the living room was closed and the gate was locked.

He was not at home.

Shen Xi ran down and put down her schoolbag, and began to roll snowballs in the yard.

The snow had not stopped and continued to fall all afternoon, but it did not reach her calf. She soon rolled a big, round snowball.

There were no professiona

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