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Chapter 93: A Ten-dollar Hat On A Five-cent Head

Pei Xu instructed everyone in class to keep their trap tight. No one was allowed to say a word until it was a done deal.

The international class was pumped up with their hearts’ afire by Shen Xi’s inspiring speech earlier.

They had finally simmered down. Domestic TV shows, aside from historical dramas, had never soared past 10% ratings in the last ten years. TV shows that were able to draw 5% ratings were considered amazing enough.

Anyway, there was no chance “The Smiling Nation” could possibly drum up to 10% ratings. Nevertheless, they could not back down now that the bet had been placed.

Moreover, between Alpha Xu and Song Wenye, one invested twenty million while the other, ten million. What was there to be afraid of when both of them had no scruples? They could think of it as charity if they lost and in the event they won, it was jackpot.

No one would say anything even without Pei Xu cautioning since it was embarrassing. The top class would never let them hear the end of it should they lose.

“Xixi, what are we going to do if we really lose?” Song Wenye started to worry after laying down all the money.

Thirty-two million five hundred and four thousand was a huge figure to anyone after all. It would take over a decade of starving herself if Song Wenye had to depend on the allowance given by her parents to pay the debt.

“We won’t lose.” Shen Xi calmly dwelled on the Olympiad test questions. “I’ll be paying if we lose. You don’t have to worry.”

At the end of the day, Song Wenye acted rashly because she was getting all emotional as a die-hard fan of the book and author. She was pissed off by the people insulting Cloud Seven and “The Smiling Nation”.

Shen Xi wondered if Song Wenye would pass out in the event the latter found out Shen Xi was Cloud Seven on a later date.

All about sisterhood, Song Wenye propped her chin and drooled at Shen Xi with heart-shaped eyes. “How can I let you pay for everything? You gave a speech and raised funds for my sake. Don’t worry, leave the money-matters to me!”

Lil Xixi only did so because of her. She would not have organized a fundraiser in class in the first place had Song Wenye not acted out of spite.

“10% TV ratings is excessive. I should have bet on 5%.” Anxiety saw Song Wenye pulling her hair.

She could not care less what happened to her but with many good friends entrusting money to her, Song Wenye felt a massive weight on her shoulders.

“Not at all.” Shen Xi confidently grinned.

She was aware that there was growing alternative access to entertainment and people could watch TV shows from mobile phones and computers. Hence, it would not be an easy task to create a ratings miracle.

Nevertheless, Shen Xi had nothing but confidence for her own script, “The Smiling Nation”. In her past life, “The Smiling Nation” was only broadcasted ten years later and the TV ratings pushed past 5%.


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