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Chapter 70: Brushing Past

It was snowing heavily and there were not many people on the bus.

Shen Xi turned her head, lowering her chin to look at the snow outside the window.

When she got home, she had to build a snowman for the big boss. She would make a snow sculpture in his likeness.

When she thought of this, she happily took out her sketchbook and technical pen from her school bag, and began to sketch a draft.

The young lady sitting next to her inadvertently glanced over, watching as Shen Xi drew a few strokes and sketched the image of a handsome man on the paper. She could not hide her amazement.

Oh my god!

This little beauty was too talented!

The drawing was too beautiful!

“Miss, are you a painter?” The lady thought that Shen Xi must be a very big-name artist.

“No.” Shen Xi shook her head.

“Which celebrity are you drawing?” The lady was very talkative. It was the first time she had seen such a good-looking man.

Whether it was in reality, on TV, or under the pencils of those famous artists, she had never seen such an inhumanely handsome man.

“He’s not.” Shen Xi suddenly smiled. The corners of her lips curled up pleasantly, and she said generously, “This is my boyfriend.”

“Your boyfriend is really good-looking.” The lady was friendly and praised without hesitation. Then, she looked at Shen Xi again and said seriously, “You’re also very beautiful. I wish you both the best.”

Ahhhhh, it turns out that a couple with such godly looks really did exist in reality!

Ughhh, what should she do? She was so jealous!

Tsk tsk, a good-looking person had to be together with another good-looking person. She could not be jealous!

“Thank you.” Shen Xi suddenly sensed something and turned her head to look out the window.

On the same lane was a gray Maybach.

The Maybach’s speed was very fast. The moment it passed her, she clearly saw the man’s exquisite and handsome face, cold as if it was sculpted from ice.

When she opened the window, she shouted at the car, “Brother!”

The wind and snow were heavy.

The car disappeared ahead in a few moments.

The bus was old-fashioned. It did not have heating in winter or air conditioning in summer, so the windows could be opened at will.

“Sorry.” Shen Xi closed the window and apologized to the young lady sitting next to her.

Fortunately, the young lady and she were the only people at the back of the bus. Otherwise, if she opened the window and let the cold in, she might have gotten chewed out by a bad-tempered passenger.

“It’s okay.” The lady smiled kindly at her.

The lady’s stop arrived before Shen Xi’s, and she handed Shen Xi a business card beforehand. “I’m actually a comic artist. I have some resources in my hand, so if you’re interested in drawing comics, you can call me at any time.”

Shen Xi took the card. “Okay.”

The lady then said, “If you want to earn extra money, you can also call me. With your abil

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