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Chapter 42: Absolutely Stunning

“Miss, Ms. Yan is a veteran.” The assistant ignored the elephant in the room. One had to be tactful to survive in this industry.

“I don’t care about seniority. Even if she’s a veteran, she can’t be unreasonable and cut in line. It’s all about first come, first served.” Seeing red, Song Wenye turned cocky. “Tell your manager to get over here.”

“Miss, let’s not get too hasty. Do show some consideration as we’re overstretched at the moment. We will attend to you immediately after Ms. Yan is done.” The assistant tried to smooth things over.

“Lil Ye, cut it out.” Shen Xi indifferently swept her a glance, motioning for her to come over. There was no need to go off the deep end with these people.

“They are the ones who took it too far.” Song Wenye was pissed. “Shen Xi, are you such a pushover? Are you going to let them trample all over you?”

“She said it right.” Shen Xi pulled her back while darting a look at everyone on site with a smile. “I, as the junior, can’t compare to the veterans. Number one, I am not as old as them. Number two, I do not have that thick of a skin. The only thing I’ve got going is my professionalism.”

These words had upset most of the dancers.

Ms. Yan, who came later yet was put first in particular, was seething with rage.

“Young lady, let me offer you my opinion.” Ms. Yan scoffed as she fixated on Shen Xi. “Don’t be too arrogant!”

Shen Xi raised her brows and smiled. “Isn’t arrogance a privilege of youngsters?”

Having been rubbed the wrong way, Ms. Yan slammed the table and got up. Her hands were shaking. “Get her ready first then.”

The audacity at such a young age.

Ms. Yan had been dancing for over two decades, participating in countless major and minor competitions in between, yet this was her first time encountering such a cocky newbie!

Now that Shen Xi had talked the talk, it was time to see if she could walk the walk!

Seeing that the person who cut in line had left in a huff, Song Wenye arrogantly laughed out loud.

This was Shen Xi’s true colors – it was all good when she held her tongue but the moment she opened her mouth, Shen Xi was capable of silencing her opponent!

Shen Xi could not trust the stylists and makeup artists to paint her face in good faith. In the worst case scenario, they might even add a little extra something into the cosmetics.

“Take out your cosmetics.” Shen Xi turned her attention to Wenye and her group.

Song Wenye informed her besties to pour the cosmetics in their purses onto the makeup counter. “Check if there’s anything else you need. I’ll have someone bring it over.”

Shen Xi replied, “It’s enough.”

Song Wenye responded, “Are you really going to put on your own makeup? Have you painted your face before? Why don’t I help you?”

Song Wenye’s besties, which included a beauty blogger specialized in copycat looks, also volunteered to apply makeup on Shen Xi.

However, Shen Xi ref

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