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Chapter 86: Rip Her Face Off

“Shen Xi, what are you doing?” Li Jingran sternly reprimanded as she hurried over. Darting Shen Xi an angry glare, she grievously helped Su Ruowan up. “Wanwan, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Shen Xi was such a wicked brat. Who gave her the right to bully Wanwan when Wanwan did nothing!

“Mom, it’s not what you think it is. It’s all my fault. I lost my footing. It’s not my little sister’s fault.” As fragile as a flower, Su Ruowan was welling in the eyes.

Li Jingran noticed that Su Ruowan’s knees were scraped. She was heartbroken. “I saw it with my own eyes. Don’t stick up for her.”

“Mom, don’t blame her. I really lost my footing.” Shedding tears, Su Ruowan spoke in a weak and pitiful voice.

Li Jingran shot Shen Xi another angry look. Seeing that the latter was about to leave, she chided, “Hold it right there. Aren’t you forgetting an apology?”

Shen Xi threw her an amused glance before turning away, leaving behind a cool and proud receding figure.

“Mom, it’s fine. I’m okay.” Su Ruowan was delighted to see Li Jingran’s eyes engulfed in flames.

Mom must hate Shen Xi so much after having witnessed the bad and wicked b*tch bully her and cross Mom.

This was the effect Su Ruowan wanted, Shen Xi losing her place in Mom’s heart and Mom giving up on her. Only she was the daughter of the Su family!

Anger was tearing Li Jingran up inside. What was this attitude? It was good that Shen Xi took a hike out of the Su residence. Otherwise, Li Jingran would lose it together with her mind!

Su Ruowan’s legs were wounded and scrapped.

While tending to Su Ruowan’s wounds, Li Jingran grew resentful and in disbelief that she gave birth to a defiant thing like Shen Xi. God dang it!

“Mom, you’re always the most beautiful to me.” Su Ruowan knew that Mom must be furious after having been one upped by Gong Zhi. “Gong Zhi only won through her looks. Everyone in showbiz knows that you’re the most beautiful.”

“I’ve seen a lot during my time in show business. I’m not going to get angry because of this.” Li Jingran may be saying this to comfort her daughter but deep inside, she was raging at the thought of this.

She would not be raving mad if someone else outdid her.

However, why did it have that b*tch Gong Zhi, a rival for decades?

The b*tch would only ridicule her back with a win under her belt!

Li Jingran wanted to rip Gong Zhi’s face apart, thinking about that smug look.

“Mom, she only stole the show today because of the stylist. It’s not all her.” Su Ruowan was outraged for her mother’s sake. “Who’s her stylist today? It is a complete 180 from her usual look.”

“I have got people to ask around.” Li Jingran wanted to find out who was Gong Zhi’s stylist today too.

Manager Li He pushed open the door and entered. “I’ve found out about Gong Zhi’s stylist. She’s a student of Jiang Yin and her name is Cai Ni.”

Su Ruowan’s face contorted at the mention of th

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