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Chapter 96: Curl Lips Into A Faint Smile

The more Shen Xi thought about it, the more she felt the need to say something. She resolutely climbed up the wall only to find the man’s receding figure letting out an air of loneliness and sorrow. Feeling a lump in her throat, Shen Xi’s tears threatened to pour.

With her eyes on his back, Shen Xi shouted, “Brother, you look good in your clothes today. It compliments you. I wonder which cutie pie with good taste gave you those clothes.”

Hearing the girl’s voice, an influx of warmth spread out within Li Yuan. The bleak self-mockery in his eyes was gradually replaced by tenderness.

He turned around and was welcomed by the young lady’s bright and sweet smile. The latter gestured a big heart before making her escape, leaving him to curl his lips into a faint smile.

Able to breathe easy at last, Kun Lun walked over after the girl on the wall was gone. “Boss, the executives from the office are here and ready for you.”

It was great that Ms. Shen finally paid notice. Boss would be depressed for days had she not and it would be the subordinates who would be taking the brunt of it.

With a grin across his lips, Li Yuan’s voice resumed its warmth. “Let’s go.”

Kun Lun pushed the wheelchair forward while snickering to himself. Life was bliss when Boss was in a good mood.

“Is there any way to increase the TV ratings?” Li Yuan asked.

Dumbstruck, Kun Lun respectfully replied, “Boss, do you mean falsifying the data? This is doable.”

Li Yuan frowned. “Can it be done undetected?”

Kun Lun gave it a thought. “It’d be hard to get past the eyes of technical experts but no issue with ordinary people. It’s “The Smiling Nation”, we’re talking about, right? I can get Fang Zhu to make arrangements.”

It would be tough to regulate the TV ratings, so the only way was to manipulate the data.

Li Yuan changed his mind after putting in much thought. “No need for that.”

The young lady was confident with her own TV show. She would be disappointed with him should she find out that he tampered with the ratings.

The Mathematical Olympiad’s finals were organized on New Year’s day.

The venue of the finals was held at the Capital University. The shortlisted candidates of No. 4 High School venture to the venue a day in advance.

The school had prepared accommodations at a five-star hotel near the Capital University, for the students to conserve their energy and be ready for the finals.

On the bus.

With earphones on, Shen Xi leaned against her chair, closing her eyes and resting her mind.

Yu Yuanxi was reading a book as he sat on the left, separated from Shen Xi by a pathway.

Other than the pair who practiced silence, everyone in the top class was flying high, discussing where to eat and play once they were there. Eat, sleep, play, repeat was a motto they held dear to their hearts.

“Did you hear? A certain naïve thing from our school has signed with a

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