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Chapter 84: Poach Talent

“Are men the only thing of importance to you?” Shen Xi pitifully gazed at Li Jingran. “You should take a long view and think big. Men are not everything in life.”

With such pettiness, it was no wonder she could only compete nationally instead of hitting the international stage.

Flipping out from the provocation at last, Li Jingran’s exquisite face turned into a grimace as she raised her hand to slap with all her might. “Brat, who are you to teach me!”

Shen Xi seized her by the arm and tightened her grip, watching the woman glower in pain. She perked her lips. “Ms. Li, don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to men. Do you think he will stay loyal after divorcing once?”

Li Jingran gasped in pain. With her body shaking violently, she let out a furious roar with a menacing look on her face. “Shen Xi! Are you damning me!”

Shen Xi was saying that her husband would leave her? Divorce her?

The brat was looking for trouble!

Not wanting to waste another breath, Shen Xi pushed Li Jingran away and watched her crash onto the opposite table. She then turned to leave.

She took two steps before turning back around with eyes speaking of indifference and ridicule.

“Shen Xi!” Flustered, Li Jingran cried in anger and flipped the dressing table.

D*mn brat!

Shen Xi was sent down to piss her off!

Li Jingran would rather be forever oblivious of the mistaken swap at birth, not knowing that Shen Xi was her biological daughter. She would never have given birth to such a shameless thing!

Had she known this was the outcome, Li Jingran would have strangled Shen Xi to death at birth.

Her manager, Li He knocked on the door.

With eyes bloodshot from fury, Li Jingran turned to him and asked, “Have you found the stylist who did Gong Zhi’s look?”

Everything went wrong for her today. Not only was Li Jingran outshined by Gong Zhi, who she never thought of as competition and looked down on, she even crossed paths with the infuriating brat, Shen Xi.

How did Shen Xi and Gong Zhi know each other?

Why did Gong Zhi, that b*tch call Shen Xi her little sister?

The two were working hand in glove to gang up on her and piss her off!

Li He had been with Li Jingran since her debut. With more than twenty years under his belt, he was no stranger to her temper. Li He took the initiative to clean up the mess on the ground. “No. You know Gong Zhi. No one’s as smart as her in showbiz. It’s not going to be easy to find out. She wants you to make a fool of yourself. Straighten yourself up and don’t give her the satisfaction.”

Facing the cosmetic mirror, Li Jingran fixed her disheveled hair and touched up her makeup.

While clearing the mess, Li He consoled her. “Don’t get worked up. Gong Zhi merely found a great stylist and won over you once. She’s been at the losing end for over twenty years.”

Li Jingran’s voice had calmed down by the time she unrolled a lipstick. “Proc

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