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Chapter 91: Reclusive Millionaire

Apart from Song Wenye’s group, no idiot would put all their money on ratings past 5%, let alone more than 10%!

Shen Xi looked at Song Wenye. “Lil Ye, you went overboard this time. How can you force them if they don’t want to?”

Irked, Song Wenye turned to the useless beings. “Why are you crying? Do you think you’re at a funeral? I told you that I’d compensate you if we lost.”

God dang it. Whoever started the bet clearly looked down upon “The Smiling Nation”‘s girls. Song Wenye had to teach them a lesson.

These people totally lacked perception for sneering at “The Smiling Nation”, betting on the ratings falling under 0.5% and 1%. She had to play against them and put her money on 10%!

Fighting back the tears from the reproach, the girlfriends hid behind Shen Xi in case they might get hit. It was not that they were unwilling to give her the money, the girlfriends were fine even if they were sucked dry to bankruptcy as long as Song Wenye was clear-headed.

Nevertheless, it was obviously a losing bet. Yet, Song Wenye insisted on jumping into the fire and they could not pull her back. To make things worse, Song Wenye accused them of being timid and useless.

“Alright now, don’t cry.” Shen Xi finally got to the bottom of the situation. Understanding the besties’ plight, she turned to Song Wenye. “Lil Ye, Return them the money if they don’t want to place the bet. Don’t put them on the spot. I’ll make up for the difference.”

Song Wenye was still fuming from her girlfriends crying to Shen Xi to stop her. However, she broke into smiles with Shen Xi offering money. “You’re not helping.”

How much money could Shen Xi have? She was the poorest in the class, all right? Song Wenye secretly paid for Shen Xi’s class fee last week, without asking it from her in an attempt to save her a few bucks.

“There’s five hundred in here. Use this to place the bet. I’ll come up with something if it isn’t enough.” Shen Xi readily whipped out a debit card and handed it to her. “The password is six eights.”

“Okay, I can guarantee that you won’t lose money.” With resolute eyes, Song Wenye accepted the card before looking daggers at her other besties.

Lil Xixi’s five hundred left Song Wenye more touched than the five thousand or fifty thousand given by others.

They may be loaded but Lil Xixi was not. Five hundred Yuan was probably her living expenses saved up for a long time.

“The Smiling Nation” had better live up to expectations as the odds at 1:100 could earn Shen Xi 50000 from the 500 she pooled in. It was a huge amount to Shen Xi.

Looking with amusement at the gambling website on her phone, Shen Xi coldly smirked.

The biggest shareholder behind this website was Su Yi and for the man to pull this move, he was basically giving her money.

Taking Shen Xi’s debit card, Song Wenye entered the pin code to enter her bet. However, she soon widened her eyes in shock looking at the ba

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