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Chapter 77: A Favor

“I know.” Yu Yuanxi smiled softly. He quietly looked at the little lady out of the corner of his eye, and then quickly looked away, as if he was afraid she would find out. He turned to his grandmother. “Just rest well, Grandma. I’ll come back soon.”

“Don’t worry about that. The nurses in the hospital will take care of me so I don’t need you.” Granny Yu still did not feel at ease and said to Shen Xi, “If Yuanxi does anything wrong, you can tell him. No need to be polite, okay?”

Shen Xi nodded. “Okay.”

Granny Yu knew that she could not delay their business and said what had to be said. After nagging Yu Yuanxi multiple times, she finally let them go.

Shen Xi took Yu Yuanxi to the company, mainly to let him familiarize himself with the company’s environment and introduce him to his manager.

“He Xiang isn’t here yet. I’ll make a call and ask.” Yuan Yu greeted them. “Xixi, you show Yuanxi around the company first.”

He Xiang was the manager Shen Xi found for Yu Yuanxi. In her past life, He Xiang was a gold medal manager who respected and understood Yu Yuanxi the most, and took him to the international level and eventually achieved mutual success with him.

Gao Meng knew that Shen Xi was coming and rushed up to hand her a cup of milk tea. “Lil Chairman Shen, this is your favorite latte with double cream and nuts. I bought it myself.”

When she finished, she looked at Yu Yuanxi beside Shen Xi. “Sorry, I didn’t know that Lil Chairman Shen would be bringing a friend. I’ll get someone to buy one for you. What do you like to drink, handsome?”

Yu Yuanxi smiled politely. “Thank you, but there’s no need.”

Shen Xi took a sip of the milk tea before looking at Gao Meng. “Shouldn’t you be on set at this time? Why are you back?”

Gao Meng stood next to her, not daring to sit because Shen Xi did not tell her to sit. “Chairman Yuan told me to come back. He said that an online game ambassador was looking for me and told me to meet with the person in charge.”

“My brother called already. Sit.” Shen Xi introduced her. “This is Yu Yuanxi. He’s an artist contracted to our company from now on.”

“Hello, I’m Gao Meng.” Gao Meng sat straight across them and held out her hand to Yu Yuanxi.

Out of politeness, Yu Yuanxi shook her hand gently. “Let’s work together well in the future.”

“Of course, of course. We’re all family here. Let’s work together under the wise leadership of Lil Chairman Shen.” Gao Meng’s mouth was full of good words, constantly praising Lil Chairman Shen.

This teenager’s temperament was very different from Chairman Yuan. He was elegant and gave others a warm feeling. Gao Meng ignored how handsome he was and treated him like the boy next door.

This type of warm temperament made it impossible for people to take offense to, and was the most popular with the audience. Whether it was men or women, young or old, everyone liked this type of person.

Shen Xi looked at Gao Meng

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