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Chapter 61: Sing A Song

Since Shen Xi had earphones on, she could not catch what the man said. She stood up in excitement. “Brother, you’re back?”

With a frown, Li Yuan put on a straight face, giving out a distant and unapproachable presence.

Shen Xi cautiously stared at him and whispered, “Brother, are you angry? Is something bothering you?”

Li Yuan pursed his lips, cold as a thin ice blade.

“Brother, don’t be unhappy.” Shen Xi felt a pit in her stomach by the anger reflected in the man’s face.

She never wished to see him unhappy and when he was down, his brows would entangle in a knot and his lips pressed together.

Watching the girl panicked, Li Yuan sighed to himself and gruffly replied, “I’m not.”

“Brother, I have no idea how to turn that frown upside down.” Shen Xi rubbed her nose, appearing a little nervous. “How about I sing you a song?”

The frigidity in Li Yuan’s eyes finally lifted a little.

Shen Xi placed her phone and book on top of the wall before turning to him. “Wait for me, Brother. I’d need a prop.”

Li Yan observed as the young lady swiftly made her way down and soon came back up. God knew what she went to retrieve.

Shen Xi secretively whipped out a pair of bamboo clappers hidden in her sleeve and cleared her throat. “Slap once on the clappers. Hang on! I ain’t boasting ’bout nothing else.

“Allow me to sing praise, about my brother o’er here!

“No filters, much less the beauty mode.

“Take a look at him – up, down, left, and right. Personable, cute, let’s not forget, kind. He’s a living god descended down upon earth!”

Amused by her exaggerated expression and actions, Li Yuan could not help but laugh out loud.

Shen Xi put away the clappers before staring at him with an expectant look on her face. “Brother, do you feel better?”

A short distance away, Kun Lun lowered his head in stifled laughter.

This young lady.

What a character!

Nevertheless, what the hell was filters and beauty mode?

Li Yuan’s raspy voice had obviously softened. “I wasn’t angry.”

Shen Xi curled her lips. “Liar!”

Li Yuan perked his lips into a delightful angle. “Thank you.”

“Brother, I went to the temple today.” Shen Xi unfurled her palm as though performing magic. “I prayed and got this for you.”

Li Yuan noticed the girl’s palm was frozen red and sitting on her palm was a Jade Guanyin.

Before he had a chance to talk, Shen Xi acted on her own accord and hung it over his neck. “Wear it. They say it works a charm.”

Li Yuan asked, “What about yours?”

Shen Xi paused for a moment before mumbling. “I’ll ask for one next time.”

Feeling it was too cold outside, Li Yuan urged her to make haste home.

“I’ll get going then, Brother.” Shen Xi reluctantly waved him goodbye.

As the young lady turned around, Li Yuan was overwhelmed with a sense of longing.

While making a turn, the young lady’s hat fell, revealing a striking thumb-sized wound on the b

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