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Chapter 57: Do You Have Regrets

Su Ruowan knew for a fact that she could never win over, Shen Xi even if her leg was all better.

This made her all the more spiteful, so much so that even eating Shen Xi’s flesh and drinking her blood would not be enough to get over it.

She refused to be beneath anyone, especially Shen Xi!

“Wanwan, there’s gossip that Shu Baiyu wants Shen Xi to be her student, is that true?”

“I’m sure it’s not. I thought Ms. Shu Baiyu wanted Wanwan instead? Am I right, Wanwan? Didn’t you say you had a meal together with Ms. Shu?”

“Shen Xi hyped things up, trying to get into showbiz and enrol into the film academy. She’s so shameless to promote herself like that.”

“Wanwan, since you’re on good terms with Ms. Shu, why don’t you tell me to clarify? She won’t want to take this sitting down, having been connected to that kind of person.”

With blood rushing to her head, Su Ruowan could hear her head buzzing.

Shen Xi!

Shen Xi!

Shu Baiyu!

Go to hell!

Unable to contain the hatred and jealousy any longer, Su Ruowan shouted, “Shut up!”

Her girlfriends took quite a fright as they observed the redness in Su Ruowan’s eyes and hatred swallowing her up. It was an entirely different face from the goddess that she was.

“Wanwan isn’t feeling well. Quit pestering her.” Walking into this scene, Su Mushi chased them away.

It took a while before Su Ruowan was her normal self. With realization that she had lost her cool hitting her, Su Ruowan grew flustered and apologized meekly and softly. “Bingbing, I’m sorry. My head was hurting from all the upset. I don’t mean to be angry at you.”

The chill down Chen Bingbing’s spine still had not left. For a moment, she had an absurd idea that perhaps the Wanwan earlier was her true colors?

Anxious and worried, Su Mushi kneeled by her side. “Wanwan, are you alright? Let me take you to the infirmary.”

Wanwan seemed to be a different person the moment he entered the room.

She appeared to be possessed by something ghastly at that moment, bearing an air of dark wickedness.

“Mushi, it’s fine.” Su Ruowan fragilely gazed back at him. With a heartbreakingly pale face to match, her eyes were tormented with remorse and guilt.

Wiping away the doubt in his mind, Su Mushi tenderly soothed her to take her mind off yesterday’s incident. She was the best after all.

In the front, Chen Bingbing and the other girlfriends began to engage in other gossip.

“Do you know that “The Smiling Nation” has begun filming? I heard that they are in discussions with Fruit TV and Star TV.”

“This is what it means to have capital. Production has only begun yet broadcasters are already buying the rights.”

“Not only are the rights being bought, I heard that it will be broadcasted a month later.”

“Bullsh*t. What’s there to broadcast if they aren’t done shooting the series!”

“I’m not that capable but my uncle happens to be acquainted with

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