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Chapter 76: A Debt Of Gratitude

“So you wanted to sign Yu Yuanxi on.” Yu Qiubai always looked crafty and absent-minded. He said in a teasing tone, “What, do you want him to enter showbiz?”

“You followed me!” A murderous look flickered in Shen Xi’s eyes.

She had not noticed anyone following her when she made her way here.

Yu Qiubai was not a person to be underestimated. He was not as unorganized as he appeared on the surface.

“Why are you signing him instead of me?” Yu Qiubai stroked his chin narcissistically and narrowed his fox-like eyes. “Am I worse than him?”

“Do you think everyone who walks on two legs is human?” Shen Xi snorted coldly and said in her heart, ‘You’re not worse than him. You’re more infuriating than him!’

He was Su Mushi’s good brother. Signing him on was the same as planting a time bomb in the company.

Yu Qiubai was stunned. After a moment, his handsome face stiffened and he finally burst out, “Shen Xi, you’re calling me inhuman!”

Shen Xi’s lips pulled in a sneer. He was not stupid. He finally reacted.

Yu Qiubai stood in place and did not chase after her. Looking at the girl’s thin, tall, cool, and aloof figure, his lips curled up in interest.

This girl was very interesting and challenging.

He had never met a girl who ignored his courting and remained unmoved by all of his methods.

Saturday afternoon, Shen Xi bought a fruit basket with some health products and went to the hospital to visit Yu Yuanxi’s grandmother.

The surgery was done on Wednesday and was a success, and the old woman was recovering well from the operation.

When she was leaving, Granny Yu took her hand with tears in her eyes and said, “Xixi, thank you. You’re really a great benefactor to our family. I don’t know how to repay you.”

She had heard from Yu Yuanxi that the girl had given him money for her surgery, and even introduced him to a good job.

They were not ungrateful people. They would never forget this great kindness and would repay her by any means possible.

“Grandma, if you really want to thank me, then get well quickly.” Shen Xi held the old lady’s hand and said, “I heard Yu Yuanxi say that your coconut chicken is a must-try.”

Granny Yu’s hometown was in the south, so her skills in cooking southern dishes were unrivaled.

Granny Yu was also a pitiful person. When she was young, she came to the capital with her husband. Her husband was a small-time policeman and died in a skirmish with some gangsters, leaving Granny Yu with a ten-year-old son.

The son was influenced by his heroic father and inherited his father’s mantle, growing up to be a firefighter. However, he later lost his life during a mission. He had only been twenty-five years old and unmarried.

Later, the lonely Granny Yu adopted Yu Yuanxi. Life was hard, but Granny Yu was kind, and Yu Yuanxi was sensible. The grandmother and grandchild lived a very happy life.

Two months ago, Granny Yu suddenly fell

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