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Chapter 72: I’ll Make It Up To You

Su Ruowan anxiously waited the entire day, desperately trying to reassure herself that there was no way that little b*tch Shen Xi would be a finalist in the international fashion competition.

However, Shen Xi’s words and her scornful ridicule were like a thorn in Su Ruowan’s heart, making her restless.

After dinner, Su Muxuan finally sent her a message with the list of finalists and the information he found, sending it all to her.

She stared at the message from Su Muxuan. The look in her eyes changed and changed again.

After a long time, she let out a low scream of anger and irritation, and threw the phone harshly.

The phone fell to the ground hard, and the screen shattered.

Su Ruowan’s chest heaved violently. She clenched her fists tightly, staring at the phone with red eyes. The look in her eyes was fierce.

[Big Brother: It’s the first time this Cai Ni person participated. I couldn’t find any information about them, so you ask Mom about it!]

Big Brother did not find out any information!

Their mother was friends with the Chinese judges, so he received the news when he asked that day.

The judges said that Su Ruowan and Cai Ni had excellent designs and were favorites to win the title.

However, he surprisingly could not find any information about Cai Ni.

Cai Ni could not be Shen Xi. It was absolutely impossible. She forbade it!

“Wanwan, what’s wrong?” Su Mushi knocked at the door, his anxious voice sounding from behind.

Su Ruowan heard the voice and immediately returned to normal. She picked up the phone on the floor and stuffed it into the drawer as if nothing had happened, then she opened the door. “Mushi, why are you here?”

“Aunt Lin said she heard a noise in your room, so I got worried and came to check up on you.” Su Mushi looked at her in concern.

“It’s nothing. The chair fell over.” Su Ruowan casually made an excuse.

Su Mushi saw her sad face and knew what she was worried about, and said, “My dear little sister, don’t worry. The winner of the international fashion competition will definitely be you.”

Su Ruowan glared at him coquettishly. “Mushi, you can’t say that. What if I don’t win the championship? It’ll be humiliating.”

“I heard from Muxuan that you asked him for a list of finalists.” Su Mushi smiled dotingly and tenderly flicked the tip of her nose. “Well done. Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.”

“You just love to make jokes, Mushi.” Su Ruowan pouted, acting as if she was embarrassed. “I’m gonna ignore you.”

“Don’t do that, I was wrong.” Su Mushi quickly admitted his mistake and pulled at her arm. “I’ll make it up to you.”

When Li Jingran and Su Yi entered, they saw the brother and sister laughing and joking together. They looked at each other and smiled happily.

“Honey, I’m going to order Master K’s latest design and give it to Wanwan. What do

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