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Chapter 56: Suffocating

Kun Lun’s thoughts were basically confirmed when softness gradually took the edge off his boss’ cold eyes.

Ms. Shen – She was the young lady Boss had been looking for.

Nevertheless, when did Boss learn about it?

Kun Lun guessed that Boss was sure of it since their first encounter!

Waiting outside, Situ Zhangyou picked up on Kun Lun’s guesswork and let out a smug grin. “I told you, Shen Xi is definitely different.”

Kun Lun sneered but not without shoving Situ Zhangyou out the door and slamming the door with a bang. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Man of foresight, his *ss!

Sure, Situ Zhangyou said that Ms. Shen was different but he also commented that Boss was quick to switch sides and move on to the next target. Kun Lun could not bring himself to expose him.

Shen Xi hunched over the table while studying the baby’s breath. Smiling like a little idiot, she was so distracted that the mock test papers were left blank.

With the big boss sending her flowers, it meant that her efforts had not been in vain. It paid off at last.

“Xixi, time for dinner.” Shen Zhangqing knocked on the door and called out to her.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Shen Xi tenderly caressed the baby’s breath. “I’m going to eat now. Please grow and flourish, you hear me? Let me put some music on for you.”

On the table, the tiny petals of the bluish violet baby’s breath were as beautiful as stars shimmering in the sky.

Shen Xi made a name for herself once again, thanks to the dance of Corn Poppy.

The media broadcasts now were still a little behind in speed compared to the explosion of streaming media later.

Despite being an outsider in showbiz, Shen Xi made headlines in the entertainment papers because Ms. Shu Baiyu expressed interest in taking her in as a student and Situ Zhangyou, an influential figure, presented her with flowers.

“17-year-old gifted girl blows the stage away with a dance.”

It was all peaceful in the comments section as there were not many fans filtering the comments nor were there tabloid accounts and anti-fans trolling about.

People in Weibo during this time were still amicable and acted like everyone was friends. Celebrities in showbiz could say anything they wanted, unlike a few years later when they would keep silent.

Many professional dancers of China shared her dance video, giving high praise and appraisal. They also tagged Ms. Shu Baiyu to compliment the fact that she had someone to follow in her footsteps.

Shu Baiyu’s position in China’s dance scene was unprecedented, especially in the innovation and attainment of classical and ethnic dances.

Shen Xi’s dance was arranged and choreographed by her alone. For a girl at the tender age of seventeen, she was pure genius to achieve this.

Led by Song Wenye and Pei Xu, the international class prepared a surprise party for Shen Xi, which quickly spread amongst the students

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