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Chapter 223: A Son-In-Law To Marry Into The Family

Shen Zhangqing tilted his head and smiled at Shen Xi. “My daughter’s the best. Her hands are to play the piano and violin, not for washing dishes. I’ll beat up anyone who makes you do the dishes.”

Deeply touched, Shen Xi spread her arms. “Old Shen, you’re the best.”

As loving as his eyes were, Old Shen could not help himself but get a little cheeky with his words, “Get out, get out. Don’t hold me back on the dishes.”

Shen Xi then stood there chomping down an apple while talking to him.

Old Shen was a great guy. He would never leave the cooking and washing to her and Mom as long as he was home. “Old Shen, let’s get a dishwasher.”

“Don’t you think I make a good dishwasher? Why do we need to get one?” Shen Zhangqing had ideas of his own.

Shen Zhangqing washed and cleaned because he appreciated his wife’s hard work. However, his wife and daughter would feel sorry and be nicer every time he did household chores. He had always found pleasure doing it for so many years.

Shen Xi gave him the thumbs up. “Bravo, Dad! Madam Yun and I are very loved.”

“It’s great that you know that.” Shen Zhangqing earnestly said, “Look for a boyfriend who dotes on you. His looks and family background do not matter, and the only thing that does, is that he treats you well.”

He was getting a little emotional as he spoke those words. Shen Zhangqing could not bear the thought of marrying his daughter off.

Shen Xi noticed the shift of mood and snapped out of it. She replied with a smile, “Dad, I want to live with you and Madam Yun after the wedding, so whoever he may be, he can marry into our family. You can beat him up if he doesn’t do right by me.”

Shen Zhangqing smiled. “I will wait for you to find a son-in-law to marry into our family.”

Shen Zhangqing tidied the kitchen before rushing to Toffeecito, only to panic as its little nook was empty. “Xixi, where’s Toffeecito? Why is Toffeecito missing?”

Opening the door, Shen Xi watched the anxious man look for Toffeecito everywhere and lied. “I returned it.”

Shen Zhangqing pointed a finger at her in anger and distress. “Child, how can you just return it? Why didn’t you discuss it with me? I bottle-fed the little fella to health. Do you think that was easy for me?”

Shen Xi answered, “Didn’t you say that the cat is ugly, its poop stinks, and it meows incessantly?”

“I didn’t mean it.” Upset, Shen Zhangqing urged her. “Hurry up and get Toffeecito back for me. It is everything to me. It’s not at all ugly nor does its poop stink.”

Toffeecito was in Shen Xi’s room. It meowed in response to someone calling out its name.

Shen Zhangqing’s eyes lit up in joy. “Toffeecito. Toffeecito is meowing! Grandpa is here, Toffeecito.”

Shen Xi snickered. “Dad, you’re now owned by this cat, you know that?”

Casually exploring the house, Toffeecito looked at Shen Zhangqing from the first floor and meowed at him for his a

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