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Chapter 213: A Seed Of Doubt

The Situ family said it themselves, the top 100 students in each grade would receive a set of Jewel Looks. There must be some sort of mistake because Su Ruowan and Mushi should not be left out. Some idiot must have typed the list wrong and overlooked their names.

Watching Su Ruowan frantically going through the list repeatedly, Chen Bingbing analyzed it together and could not find Su Ruowan and Su Mushi’s names. “It must have been a mistake, Wanwan. How could both your names go missing?”

Su Ruowan wanted to tear the list to pieces but despite feeling the heat, she remained calm on the surface. “It’s fine. It’s just an anti-aging beauty pill anyway, not some rare jewel. I don’t have to have it.”

How could it be?

Why were Mushi’s and her name missing on the list?

“Bingbing, Wanwan’s not short of the anti-aging beauty pill. Surely, Aunt Li received a lot.”

“Like Gong Zhi, Aunt Li must be one of the first to get hers. Wanwan must have taken it since her skin’s been glowing lately.”

“Of course. Who do you think Aunt Li is? She is way up the ladder than Gong Zhi. The Situ family would prioritize her over anyone else.”

The girlfriends in class were buttering Su Ruowan up.

Su Ruowan played it cool and secretly admitted that as a fact before mustering up a tender smile. “Bingbing. Just leave it. Mushi and I don’t want it.”

The Su family never got the anti-aging beauty pill.

Mom never received one.

She and Mushi had not gotten theirs either.

If it were only for one instance, it could be explained that the Situ family merely made a mistake and forgot to give them.

However, there were too many instances to be excused with mere forgetfulness.

She had reasons to suspect that the Situ family were out to get the Su family and make them look bad!

The classmates thought they guessed it right judging by how Su Ruowan took it lightly. Wanwan was the young lady of the Su family and the future daughter-in-law of the Gu family. The Situ family would never single her out.

Intrigued, Yu Qiubai curled his lips in contempt before bringing his share of anti-aging beauty pills to Su Ruowan. He placed the set on her table and said with a smile, “For you.”

Su Ruowan tenderly gazed at him. “Thank you, Qiubai.”

Yu Qiubai narrowed his foxy eyes. “No need to thank me. I heard that Aunt Li hasn’t received one. Bring it back and share it with her.”

Su Ruowan turned white as a sheet in horror and angrily shot him a look. “Qiubai, what are you saying? My mom has received one. You should give your set to your mom.”

Yu Qiubai noncommittally raised his brow and grinned, “Okay then.”

Those in the top class genuinely believed Su Ruowan at first because bearing the Su surname itself was a ticket to getting the pills. However, Yu Qiubai’s words planted a seed of doubt in them that Su Ruowan could be lying.

Su Ruowan was livid, especially when she heard that the inte

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