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Chapter 228: Devil

Never been so humiliated, Su Ruowan was sobbing with rage. She was like a helpless and pitiful flower meekly showing her claws after being pushed too far.

The brute, Pei Xu, sure had the nerve to insult her like this!

Bloodshot in the eyes, Su Mushi swung his fist at Pei Xu as though he had gone mad. “Pei Xu, you low life! How dare you harass my sister!”

Pei Xu seized Su Mushi’s fist and sneered in contempt. “Why can’t you see what kind of devil your sister is? I don’t pick on just anybody, you know.”

Displaying the ruthless bloodthirst in his eyes, Pei Xu tightened his grip over Su Mushi’s hand.

“Apologize to Wanwan.” Su Mushi was headstrong as he stared at Pei Xu with utmost hatred, despite breaking out in cold sweat in pain and having bulging veins on his forehead.

Pei Xu spat in disdain and threw him aside. Watching as Su Mushi pitifully slammed onto the ground, Pei Xu curled his lips into a smile. “She doesn’t deserve it.”

He then arrogantly turned to walk two steps before turning around to offhandedly shoot a look at Su Ruowan. “What are you looking at, troll?”

Furious, Su Ruowan stomped her foot and bawled her eyes harder. Still, she weakly and pitifully rushed over to help Su Mushi up. “Mushi, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Pei Xu was an *sshole. What was with that cocky attitude? He better waited for what was coming because she would have her revenge. Someday, she would teach him a lesson he would never forget and he would fall on his knees and beg her for mercy.

“Don’t cry. I’m okay. Don’t worry. I’ll get him back.” Su Mushi could pass out from hitting the roof. The only thing on his mind was killing Pei Xu after he made his sister cry. Yet, Su Mushi knew he could not beat Pei Xu.

Su Mushi had to let it slide for now and revenge was a dish best served cold. He would return the favor tenfold and let Pei Xu know that he was not one to mess with.

Students from the top class, including Su Mushi and Su Ruowan, shared the view that Shen Xi could not possibly be worthy to walk the red carpet. They all hated Pei Xu and could not wait for him to crawl under Su Mushi’s pants. The payback would be a public humiliation!

Gong Zhi initially wanted Chen Nan to pick Shen Xi up from school but the latter refused the offer since it was too much trouble. Shen Xi hailed a cab at the school’s entrance to head directly to the hotel.

First Snow Hotel was a five-star hotel internationally known for its plush and great hospitality. Towering at 188 floors, the hotel was the tallest building in the capital with a revolving restaurant on the top floor offering a 360-degree view of the city through its floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Shen Xi got down the car and headed into the lobby but before she had gotten far, the look in her eyes suddenly turned cold as she clicked her tongue. What a small world.

She was wondering why she heard crowing while waiting for the bus in the morni

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